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Main St. Office Reveal Part 05

It's time to show you all the very last space of our office - the conference room! Throughout the month of March, we have done deep dives into my private office and the open desk area, the living and dining space of the retail portion of the office, the kitchen and bathroom, and the pillow room for our beautiful textiles.

Arguably, our clients spend the most time in this space, talking through design decisions and evaluating each space we're creating for them. Scroll through to see how we set up this area!

This is the view from the hallway as you walk in, and it was important to have pieces like this bookcase that could function as an example of quality from that particular vendor, but also to have another place to showcase accessories and show a styled moment that could exist in a client's home. A previous client didn't end up using the bookcase, so we found a home for it here, and I'm so glad we did!

We used to haul heavy tiles, fabric samples, wood flooring and more to a client's home for presentations, but that became really tough on our backs and used up a lot of time in trying to set up . I knew that this office needed a proper conference room, steps away from our samples. That way, we can run out and grab something in the moment if the clients want to see a variation of a tile or upholstery, instead of making the note and setting up another meeting to discuss.

Gosh, I so love the rug in this space, and the textured back of that bookcase!

We actually thought this room would be overflow space to work with headphones on, but the office as a whole filled up more quickly than anticipated!

The office used to be a salon, so these artfully placed curtains are still hiding a few plumbing hookups, but it also gives us a place to discuss drapery details with clients - win win! The curtains really soften the space visually too.

No more design presentations on iPads! This big screen TV is much better for everyone's vision (thank you to Brian for mounting this on a cinder block wall!).

We also hung these cork boards up so that we can display printed design boards and pin fabrics for inspiration during meetings.

We also decided to choose a glass door to spread the light from these windows further into the hallway, and to be able to see into the office/the entrance easily.

And that, my friends, is it! Thank you so much for following along this month. This office has been such a labor of love, and has pushed me creatively (and has sometimes pushed my patience). I am thrilled with the result, and I can't wait to open it up to more of you as a retail shop in the future! Stay tuned on Instagram for announcements on that :)



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