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Main St. Office Reveal Part 03

It's time to show off the kitchen and bathroom in the new office! If you missed part one, we covered my private office and the open desk area and our rationale behind the design of them both. In part two, we revealed the living space and dining space of the retail area that gives clients a place to see the quality of our favorite furniture vendors in person!

Scroll through to see how we designed our office kitchen to be functional for our daily needs, but also to be a mini showroom of finishes and features for clients to consider!

This was probably the last time we shared sneak peeks of the kitchen in use - big shoutout again to Petal & Rind for creating this grazing table for our office opening party!

We chose a rift sawn oak in a deep, dark brown stain for the island to anchor the lighter elements, and introduce another wood finish into the space as an example of design possibilities for clients. We also chose to show a full overlay cabinet style here (you'll see the difference between this and the rest of the kitchen) with the special detail of grooved panels to give them some spice.

Vadara Quartz kindly gifted us these Sereno Gold countertops, and we love the durability of the quartz combined with the warm taupe veining throughout for a bit of visual movement!

We topped the island with these opaque glass pendants from Hudson Valley, which we made sure to choose based on the other lighting finishes we show in the office to get the most variety, while still being complementary to each other.

Our silverware, plates and dishes, and trash cans all live in the island, tucked away out of sight!

We waited a good long time for these counter stools, but boy were they worth the wait! You know we love a good woven moment, and the cloud like cushions for both the back and seat give you the best of both worlds - texture and comfort!

We worked with the great team over at Heritage Cabinetry to build out the island and back cabinets using their semi custom cabinetry line. We could have built the cabinets up to the ceiling, but this photo doesn't show you that we have our HVAC system running very close to the cabinets, and building around that would have been much more costly, and really wouldn't have looked clean anyway.

We didn't have too much display space to work with, so we prioritized a tall cabinet to the left of the sink that holds our microwave, toaster, and coffeemaker to keep other surfaces clear! We also chose a counter depth refrigerator since this isn't meant to hold a full family's worth of food, and we didn't want to sacrifice those inches in the footprint overall. Doing a paneled refrigerator would have pushed us out of budget, but I still love how it all came together!

We did splurge a bit on the tile backsplash, but as you can see, we didn't need a lot of it, so it made sense to splurge here and highlight this Cle tile collaboration with Zio & Sons that comes in a variety of colors!

We painted the back cabinets in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, which is one of our favorite paint colors because it is a good good taupey gray, but still warm. You can see here that the back cabinets are built with an inset frame style, where the drawers sit within the frame of the cabinet and in this case, have a thin frame detail to accentuate that. Inset frame cabinets are more expensive to build, while the full overlay cabinets in the island are more cost effective because they don't have nearly as many edges to line up.

Showing both options was important to us because these are typically the two styles chosen by our clients.

We mixed hardware as well by going with a Brizo faucet in black and black hardware against the pewter cabinets, and brass hardware on the darker stained island.

The one thing we should have included was a garbage disposal. I didn't think we needed it, but we do use this kitchen for lunches every day. We can add it in after the fact, so no worries!

Let's give the tile her close up, shall we?

The two shelves above the sink are rift sawn white oak with a lighter colored wood stain to pull in the colors of the floors and the frames of the barstools. I love the cute little brass gallery rail we chose as well - a small design detail that is functional, thoughtful, and gives the shelves a layered look!

And now to the sweetest little bathroom! It may seem strange, but I had a vision for this bathroom almost right from the beginning. All it had before was a pedestal sink sitting on a concrete floor, and sad gray paint on the walls. The bathroom is often the most overlooked space in a commercial setting, but we had a great opportunity to showcase more finish options for clients and have an art moment, and we went for it!

We used the same Sereno Gold countertops that we used in the kitchen from Vadara Quartz, and worked with Heritage Cabinetry again for the vanity. This Kohler brass faucet is a different style from the Brizo kitchen faucet for yet another option to consider.

I was really set on having some sort of paneling detail in the bathroom, so we designed this shiplap up to the four foot mark, and trimmed it out with white oak we recycled from the old office.

This scalloped pendant from Hudson Valley makes me smile every time I see it! And of course, we had to have a small vintage rug in here, that you can see peeking up from the bottom of the photo.

I love the elongated subway tile that we used for the floor from Bedrosians - it echoes the paneling without overpowering it.

Believe it or not, most of the frames here are from Target! And we sourced the artwork from our favorite print shops and printed them ourselves. Many of them came from our old office gallery ledge above our previous desks. We added a few special ones, like the landscape that reminds me of Italy and the line drawing of a group of pups, since we are big dog people in this office. Tia and I rolled up our sleeves and hung these ourselves one day - that was a satisfying thing to finish!

And that's it for our kitchen and bathroom - stay tuned for our last few spaces later this month! So far, what has been your favorite space?



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