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Main St. Office Reveal Part 04

Today we're diving into our sweet little pillow room here in the office! If you missed part one, we covered my private office and the open desk area and our rationale behind the design of them both. In part two, we revealed the living space and dining space of the retail area that gives clients a place to see the quality of our favorite furniture vendors in person! For part three, we went over the detailed decisions that went into our finish selections for the kitchen and bathroom.

Have a look at our latest collection (and shop here if you find one you like!) and the space that houses these beautiful textiles for us to shop for projects every day.

This hallway is right off the kitchen, and we run back here to look at fabric samples on the wall, with the pillow room just off to the right! This is a sneak peek into our conference room at the end of the hallway too.

One of the priorities with the new office was this space exactly - a room to store the pillows in a beautiful way, and get them out of all of the spaces we previously had room to store them. Eventually, this will be a retail space to sell the pillows, but we still primarily use them in our projects and shop in here when we're knee deep in designing!

My nearest and dearest will find a pillow named after them in this collection - I have a Ginger pillow and a Ray pillow named for my grandparents, Brian has his own, and almost all of my nieces and nephews have a pillow named after them, aside from our newest additions to the family :)

This is by far one of my favorite pendants - it has always been a tough sell for clients because it is a bit out of the box with the shape, the marble ball, and the brass interior, but now we have a physical example to enjoy ourselves, and an example to show to clients as well.

We installed a full height and width collection of Pax cabinets from IKEA on the right that allows us to store the actual pillow cover inventory. I'm happy we have room for both pillow inserts and all our pillow covers in this cabinet - it keeps us organized, and we need it! This system was exactly what we wanted because we were able to add drawers, shelves, and doors as necessary, and if we ever move offices, we can easily uninstall this and move it as we did with the front cabinets!

I know I'll hear about it later, but I had to include a photo of our seamstress extraordinaire - my mom Debbi! She is the magician that can make a custom size pillow I need for an install the next day, and I'll find it all ready for me within a few hours! I try to give to her more notice than that usually, but she really is amazing, and I'm so appreciative of how much she has poured into making this pillow shop a success! Fun fact: the Lou Lou pillow is named for her, but I'm the only one allowed to call her that ;)

Stay tuned for our last space unveiling next week - our conference room!



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