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A Shoppable Patio

Today, we are here with our fifth installment of the shoppable series here on the blog! We can't always share every single piece that we use for our client projects (we discuss why right here!), but this is our chance to build an entire space that you can shop for right from home! Today we are exploring a patio refresh in two scenarios - a patio lounge and a firepit seating area.

In our patio lounge design above, the big statement piece is the rug. If you have the space for it, we tend to go for large statement rugs on big concrete pads that so many of us have on our patios. Just like our interior spaces, rugs really define an area when you have similar flooring that extends far past where you'd to set up some seating.

We really love the aluminum coffee table with an antique rust finish as well. This surface is really easy to clean, and gives you another finish to keep the space interesting.

If you don't have the option for landscaping in your outdoor area, we definitely recommend bringing plants (and interesting planters) in to the space! Plant life is great for our minds and bodies, and a great way to create a dynamic space with varying heights and different species.

Make sure you think about lighting outside too! If you have a pergola or a way to install string lights, it's an easy way to make an outdoor patio more romantic and have an alternative ambient lighting option, instead of one bare bulb that you haven't gotten around to changing out for a nicer option (it's really common, we promise!). Bringing in a large statement pendant, like the rattan option above, balances out all of the large furniture on the ground as well.

If you have space for another area for a fire pit, we love pulling from the metal finish of the pergola and the coffee table, and incorporating that into the frames of these wide chairs. Keeping the fabric consistent between the chairs and the sofa in another area ties the two areas together, without using the exactly the same collection of furniture. The wide seat also may give you more seating if two people can squeeze into one chair, so this layout is working double time! The rattan drum side tables pull from the visually solid rattan pendant in the other seating area as well.

Featured pieces are linked below for you, so put up your feet and do some online shopping if you're up for a patio refresh into the fall season, which is glorious here in Southern California for dinners and parties!

If you didn't catch the first four installments of this series, click through for more ideas:



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