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A Shoppable Master Bedroom

We have discussed sharing sources here before (if you missed it, you can click right here!), and we totally get it. We want to know when we see great pieces online too! However, to protect our clients' investment in custom interior design, we don't share all of our sources when we're asked about them online. BUT we do think there's a place on this blog for creativity and a recurring series of posts that compile great pieces that you can absolutely purchase for your own home, without having to invest in full design services.

We wanted to start this series with a room that a lot of people tend to ignore until the rest of their home is done - the master bedroom! You spend the most time in this room collectively (at least if you're getting a good amount of sleep every night!) so you should take care of yourself by creating an environment that is peaceful, functional, and joy-inducing. For this series, we will feature combinations that resonate with our signature style, pay attention to quality, and feature other small business owners as much as possible!

We love the mix of patterns, materials, and colors because it's not overly feminine or masculine, and there's plenty of comfort to be had in this room. If you have the bedroom space, but lack extra closet storage, we love these nightstands as well!

The mix of visually heavy pieces and lighter pieces strikes just the right balance - the bed, the nightstands and tall dresser all ground the space, while the additional seating in the bench and chair, as well as the lighting lends some lightness to the room.

Everything you see here is linked below, so set yourself up with a cup of coffee or tea and indulge in some internet window shopping or full on retail therapy!

If you're looking for some extra accessories for your nightstands, these pieces below are also some of our favorites!

Are you liking this new series? Leave us a comment below if you want to see a specific type of space! Are you working on a living room? A powder bathroom? Let us know and we'll add it to the lineup!



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