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A Shoppable Office

Today, we are here with our fourth installment of the shoppable series here on the blog! We can't always share every single piece that we use for our client projects (we discuss why right here!), but this is our chance to build an entire space that you can shop for right from home!

Today we are exploring a neutral office - maybe in your home, but this design could also be in a commercial setting. Juxtaposition and muted colors are a big component of designing a neutral space that anyone could use comfortably, and the team did a great job with the office above. I think Brian might like this better than my blush home office in the last house.

We love this take on the executive desk because the white oak paired with the asymmetrical storage makes it less visually bulky than traditional executive desks, but still offers a lot of desktop space for monitors, laptops, and any paperwork you might need easily accessible. And since we're doing so much more through video conference, our preference for desk placement is right in front of the windows for natural light to hit directly on your face. Plus, you might have a great view to see above your computer screens every once in awhile too.

Our biggest tip is to make sure you incorporate plant life, especially in an office where you'll be sitting 8+ hours a day. Adding a tree near a window or plants on your desktop automatically brings more life to the room, and we guarantee you'll feel lighter working a space with plants around you.

Another tip you see above is a larger rug than you might think for an office. We see a lot of rugs that are just a bit bigger than the desk, but that may leave you with a desk chair that catches the edge of the rug constantly. Extending the rug to the sitting chairs ties all of the seating together, and makes the room feel larger as well.

Featured pieces are linked below for you, so put up your feet and do some online shopping if you're up for an office refresh!

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