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A Shoppable Dining Room

Today, we are here with our third installment of the shoppable series here on the blog! We have discussed sharing sources here before (if you missed it, you can click right here!), and we totally get it. We want to know when we see great pieces online too! However, to protect our clients' investment in custom interior design, we don't share all of our sources when we're asked about them online. BUT we are taking some time to design curated rooms with items that you can easily purchase on your own.

Today we are exploring a coastal dining room - our design team did a great job with this one! The dining storage piece is a great choice if you need a lot of entertaining storage close to your dining table, and this particular finish really grounds this entire room. Pairing it with dark spindle chairs brings that dark tone into the room without using a visually heavy piece all around the table. This dining table is also a great choice because the wood is already distressed, so any stain or scratch just adds to the character of the table. No kid gloves in this dining room - you can actually live daily life in here. Who knew it was possible?!

Our biggest tip is to make sure you incorporate plant life, especially in a dining room. If you don't eat in this room daily, the room can look really bare from day to day. Adding plants to the top of the sideboard, as a centerpiece on the dining table, or a tree near a window automatically brings more life to the room, and we guarantee you'll smile more passing by a room like that every day.

Another tip we use a lot in dining rooms is to double check the size of the rug you choose, and make sure you can still pull the chairs fully and still be on the rug. This will prevent snags and uneven legs on top of the rug and the hard surface beneath. We constantly see people putting in rugs that are too small for the space in dining rooms.

Featured pieces are linked below for you, so put up your feet and do some online shopping if you're up for a dining room refresh!

If you didn't catch the first two installments of this series, click through for more ideas:



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