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A Shoppable Guest Room

Today, we are here with our fifth installment of the shoppable series here on the blog! We can't always share every single piece that we use for our client projects (we discuss why right here!), but this is our chance to build an entire space that you can shop for right from home.

We're all expecting more company at home these days, so today we are exploring an appealing guest room for all of your family and friends. The mid-tone greige color with its slightly green undertone on the walls allows us to play with contrast in either direction with the textiles and the furniture, which is exactly what we did!

Juxtaposition and muted colors are a big component of designing a neutral space that anyone could use comfortably. The white framed cane bed is a more feminine touch and pairs beautifully with the dark stained rectangular wood nightstands and bench at the end of the bed. The caning also provides a nice, large, warm element to the room, and that led us to the rust colored euro shams on the bed and rust tones in the artwork above the headboard.

Layered window treatments are especially appreciated in a guest room, since you aren't sure what kind of light penetration any guest can tolerate early in the morning. Here we utilized warm woven shades and brighter white linen drapes hanging on matte black hardware to tie in the darker elements in the space.

If you want the guest room to feel especially luxe, go for the biggest rug you can fit comfortably in the room, rather than one that provides just a bit of stepping space on each side of the bed. A slightly patterned woven cream rug like the one above keeps the space bright, and if you don't have guests all that often, a lighter rug will hold up much longer in that room compared to your daily living spaces.

Featured pieces are linked below for you, so put up your feet and do some online shopping if you're looking for a way to spruce up your guest room before friends or family come over for an extended stay! If you're looking for another room in your house, check out other shoppable blog posts below:



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