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Greenwich Distance Design Reveal Part 01

It's finally time to reveal our Greenwich project!

This has been a long time coming, as these clients first reached out to us over Instagram during the summer of 2020. We've discussed COVID era delays here before, and this family bore the brunt of that in so many ways. Their patience was and is so appreciated, as we all navigated unprecedented obstacles.

We took a deep dive in this post regarding the process of full service design between two coasts, so if you're curious about that, give that post a read! Once you've read that, scroll back through here to see the incredible transformation of this New England home.

They had really good bones to start with for this house, and their main goal was a marriage of East Coast formal and tailored style and West Coast casual, livable style. Previous plans they had started were leaning too formal, and that prompted their search for a West Coast designer to work with what they had - someone to bring a fresh perspective to the project!

The clients took on the bulk of landscaping decisions for the front yard, and I think they did a fabulous job! We painted the entire house in white, added a new glass pane front door in a beautiful coastal blue color, and updated the all of the windows to streamline ad simplify the front elevation of the house.

Opening up the entry and making it more interesting was part of our design plan, and the clients had just refinished the wood floors when we got involved with the project. So we asked, "Hey - do you guys have any wood left from that project? I think it would add a lot of visual interest to the ceiling in the entry."

Thankfully, the clients fully trusted us, because the contractor definitely questioned us wanting to put flooring on the ceiling!

We all loved the final result! We used the same coastal blue color for the exterior and interior of the front door, added some texture and color with the woven bench, runner, and artwork above.

We also had to make sure that their entry closet was well laid out, because these East Coasters actually have big coats, hats, shoes, and dog walking supplies to store! West Coast entry closets rarely have double doors, but that was a must for these clients.

I love the pop of the white entry pendant against the warmth of that wood flooring on the ceiling! Still one of my favorite stories from this project.

The living room was a beautiful blank space, with this gorgeous fireplace and big windows, and we were excited to play with the dimensions and add a bit of West Coast flair to this more formal space.

This room intentionally has no TV, and we used furniture that tows the line between formal and casual, as they see using this room for more conversation with adult friends and family.

The leather chairs have a patina to them that will only get more beautiful with time, and the artwork has a more vintage look, mixed with pieces they have acquired from travel over the years as well.

The coffee table also has a live edge to it, so that was another way to incorporate a softer, casual touch to the hard surfaces in this room.

I foraged these beautiful hydrangeas off a road in Connecticut - so lovely!

I love the touch of brass elegance in the chandelier as well.

I really love the floor lamp in this room too - the base of it is actually wrapped in leather, and is gorgeous in person. This is also of my favorite rugs that we've ever put into a project - the colors are so vibrant and it really pops in the room!

As you can see beyond in this photo, the colors in the living room visually connect to the family room, and give them a flow through the house that is consistent and beautiful. Stay tuned to see that space next week!

Oh the powder bathroom! A very standard before photo, but we knew this could be the jewel box of the house, so we made it fun and special.

The transformation of this room is one of my favorites! We added a brass lighting fixture, a brass pivot mirror, and painted the existing vanity in a deep blue that picks up the tones in this botanical wallpaper! To add a bit more of a traditional element, we also added white beadboard to the wall, which maintained some brightness in the room, with this deep toned wallpaper.

Both clients work from home, so this office is an important part of their every day life! Because the built in bookcases are such a prominent part of the space, we decided to paint the the walls and bookcases in one cohesive color.

This made the room feel more cozy, and let their decor and books shine! We changed out the hardware for the cabinets, switched the tabletops to white oak, and added new Roman shades with a fun stripe pattern as well.

Next week, we'll share the bedrooms, family room, and dining room with you - don't miss it!

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