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Santa Barbara Beach Bungalow Reveal 03

Today on the blog, we're bringing you part three of our reveal for this adorable Santa Barbara beach bungalow for the sweetest family! If you missed the first two posts, read up right here and right here to catch up on the exterior, entryway, living room, kitchen and dining room transformation. Today we're revealing the two bedrooms, as well as the guest and primary bathrooms. We're so glad we had before photos because this before and after is one of our biggest transformations!

Because this is primarily a vacation home for this family, closet space wasn't necessarily a priority. We took the two closets meant to serve the third bedroom and the linen closet for the house, and replaced it with a guest bathroom. The former bathroom that served the entire home became a space to reconfigure for the primary bedroom, and make it a luxurious getaway for the owners!

This is where we started...

And this is what we have now!

Since the house's primary function would be as a vacation home, storage wasn't as important as having more available bathroom space, so we reworked the closets to get a bathroom with a single vanity and an eye-catching shower. We used a bold, blue tile from Bedrosians, laid in a creative pattern for extra interest. The same luxury vinyl plank that is in the rest of the house continued through this bathroom, balancing the space with warm tones. We also continued the brass hardware into this space, which perfectly complements the tones in the adjoining kitchen!

We wanted to give the primary bedroom an attached bathroom as well, so we again gave up a bit of closet space in order to make that happen. By reworking the space we were able to fulfill the client’s request for a sizable shower, a full size bathtub, a double vanity, and a separate room for the toilet. The space is functional, comfortable and it turned out amazing!

You really can almost hear the ocean looking at this bedroom, can't you?

Can we all pause for the beauty that is a reeded barn door with brass hardware? We custom designed it and I'm still in love with it. And then imagine opening it and seeing this behind it...

It's hard to believe we actually fit a full size tub, ample shower, a double vanity, and private toilet area into the space looking at the original floor plan, but we're so happy with how this bathroom turned out - a luxurious, bright oasis with everything you need for a vacation getaway!

This second bedroom (staged as a music room) also had patio access, but losing the sleeping space from the third bedroom (which is now the dining room) meant that this room had to do double duty now.

So we closed up that access door and built the cutest little bunk bed for two or more little ones, and a queen bed underneath! We also included two custom nightstands to fit perfectly in the space and maximize every inch available to us. I would have called this room with all of my siblings and cousins in a heartbeat when I was younger!

Whew, we've made it to the end! You've seen all the spaces now - do you have a favorite? This family couldn't be any sweeter, and we will always appreciate getting updates on how they're loving the new space. If you're looking for help with your own renovation, don't hesitate to reach out to us!



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