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Sailor Bathrooms Reveal

We're wrapping up our reveal of the Sailor project today with the primary and guest bathrooms, which are injected with a fun pop of color to offset their bright, light, and airy main space! If you missed the first two posts, have a look at the kitchen, dining area, and entry here, and the living room here. Scroll through for a closer look for these fun bathrooms!

This primary bathroom wasn't the largest to start with, so we had to prioritize using the space to its fullest. That meant avoiding making too many moves, in an effort to save the budget for interesting hard finishes rather than structural updates.

The vanity side of the bathroom stayed the same in terms of layout, but we updated the finishes and hardware to give it a more modern look! We added a few new drawers in the vanity, and brought some warmth in with the white oak paired with beautiful brass cabinet hardware, faucet, and overhead sconce. Adding that storage into the vanity eliminated the need for an additional medicine cabinet, so we made room for a hand towel ring as well. The new mirror is actually a very stealthy medicine cabinet, so they really gained more storage overall!

The rest of the house has 8 foot ceilings, and it actually drops a bit lower in their bathroom. The fact that the shower is already in a niche within this smaller bathroom made the space feel smaller than it needed to, so we raised the ceiling back up to 8 ft, which created a bit of a soffit above the door to the side yard. You'll see how much of a difference that makes below!

They do live near the beach as well, so having outside access straight into a bathroom is a great thing to have! They didn't need a full sliding door though, so we were able to recapture some wall space for hanging towel storage.

Fully finishing the three shower walls with this Fireclay hex tile makes such a big visual impact! This soft blue, with all of its dimension, is the perfect pop for this space, and opening up the shower with a glass enclosure immediately makes the entire bathroom look so much larger! We kept the glass in the side yard door and added a small, high window above the towel hooks to keep as much natural light as possible.

We replaced the towel bar above the toilet with two white oak shelves to match the vanity, and add more grab and go storage as well!

This tile installer deserves all the kudos - he was so patient with us and did a great job! We didn't want to use the schluter for the niche and shower trim, so measuring and cutting the tile became quite the undertaking.

Also notice that we split the shower head from the controls - now these clients can open the glass door, reach in, and turn the shower on without getting soaked before they're ready.

One last close up of this gorgeous cabinet hardware - I love it so much!

This guest bathroom/kids bathroom needed a big update as well! To save a bit on the budget, we repurposed their mirror and lighting, and used the same floor tile as the primary bathroom, but used an offset pattern here instead.

We used the same quartz countertop, and replaced the old vanity with this bright white version, complete with brass hardware.

We used this more whimsical scalloped tile in two blue tones to give the kids a fun bath experience! They will be in the bath stage for awhile, so we stuck with a waffle textured shower curtain rather than a glass door to make that an easier routine every night.

We ran the tile all the way up to the ceiling to mirror the look in the other bathroom, and raised the shower curtain rod up as high as possible to make the bathroom feel as large as we could.

Who wouldn't love this bathroom at bath time?!

Thank you to this sweet, sweet family for bringing us into their home! We love how everything turned out, and I know they do as well. If you're hoping to start a big renovation project like this, feel free to reach out to us!



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