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Our Favorite Finds from High Point Market 2021

We are all kinds of exhausted writing this post on our way back home from this year's High Point Market, but oh goodness - do we have amazing finds to share with you from our trip! If you're new to the idea of market, we went into full detail about what 'market' entails for designers, and our favorites from Las Vegas Market earlier this year here.

This time, I brought my husband and our design assistant Tara, and I was really excited to be able to show her everything I've talked about since she's been here as part of our team! When I first went to market years ago, a lot changed for me. At that point, I now knew about so many more companies and could offer so much more to clients from those visits, and I love that she'll now have that knowledge too. For any designers out there that have design assistants - the investment to bring another team member with you to market is TOTALLY WORTH IT. You're expanding the capacity of your team for your current and future clients, and nurturing the future of the design industry as well!

We loved the sculptural pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces we saw this year!

I can't even deal with how exciting these fringe pendants are - who loves them as much as we do?!

We saw a lot of mixed media in many different categories - nightstands, statement chairs, and accent tables to name a few! We always make a point to sit test these statement chairs, and take photos of all of us sitting in them to see where they hit on our bodies. We make a thumbs up or thumbs down sign so we know at glance what is comfortable from our photo files.

Lots of great finishing details as well - and who needs a leather canopy bed?! This was gorgeous in person, and would make such a statement in a large bedroom!

I had to end with these lovely ladies - these wonderful women are my rocks in this business. We met a little under two years ago, and are in a massive group text where we talk every single day. They push me, encourage me, support me, and are there at all hours to help me better my business and my life as a whole. Running a business can be a lonely, isolating experience, and I consider myself incredibly blessed to be have them in my life. I felt the isolation prior to meeting them, and they have completely obliterated that feeling and it is so reassuring to know that I have this group of amazing women, all from different backgrounds and with different level of experiences, but doing and experiencing similar things. We have grown to love each other unconditionally, and I can't imagine doing it without them backing me up! We all had a great time this year, and I'm looking forward to markets next year with more of my team. Plus, who else would pose for a Clue-esque group shot in this showroom with me??

What piece has you oohing and ahhing from this year's favorites? Let us know in the comments!



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