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Trends from Las Vegas Market 2021

We're all back from Las Vegas Market, and I've finally had time to process everything I saw, sit-tested, touched, and bought (just a few things, I promise!). Quite a few trends that we have loved over the last few years have continued into 2021, but there are certainly some new upcoming styles and colors that may surprise you!

Grab a good smoothie or some tea and hunker down for some visual goodness from this year's Las Vegas Market!

Boucle fabrics still have a super strong presence at this year's market! Nubby textiles all over - more and more texture! A lot more items are available in performance grade fabrics as well, which may cost more, but you won't be screaming to the high heavens when that first red wine glass spill happens and you can't get it out.

Texture still reigns king - rope, rattan, woven, wicker, coco beads. It can be seen in lighting, accessories, furniture, and literally everything else you can think of. Woven textures are one of our favorites because the thickness and openness of the weave can drastically change the aesthetic of the piece, whatever it may be!

Colors have come out to play this year! Colors are a little more saturated, with a lot of jewel tones to balance out a lot of natural materials in other furnishings. Take in all the velvet richness with me, won't you?

Mixed materials within one piece, like this pouf, were very popular! Brass paired with leather, wooden nightstands with woven drawer fronts, and fabric and wood combinations like the one above were definitely in more than one showroom.

Speaking of wood, darker and warmer wood tones are coming back. White oak is still very present, but it’s nice to see a little more depth of color coming back into the fold.

This take on a drawer pull is a great representation of overall attention to details this year, and interesting shapes for lighting and hardware especially. I love the venturing out from traditional silhouettes!

I had to end with these lovely ladies - my Design Camp ladies are my rocks in this business, and I was so excited for Brian to meet the women that support me daily in running this who operation! We all had a great time this year, and I'm looking forward to High Point coming up here soon!

What trend are you most excited for this year? Let us know in the comments!



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