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Oak Street Guest Bathroom Reveal

It's time for another bathroom reveal for our sweet clients that love a good pop of color, as you can see from this sneak peek above. Catch up on the reveal of their primary bathroom here before you scroll through on to this part of the project!

This bathroom is actually the reason these clients initially reached out to us for help. Their boys will primarily use this bathroom day to day, and guests will use this bathroom as needed. The original shower had mold issues, and of course needed to be torn out as soon as possible. This happened before we were brought in to the project, and ripping the shower out made them realize they wanted to do more extensive work for both bathrooms.

Cue us in to make a fun, playful bathroom that functioned well for young boys and guests alike!

Here's where we started, folks! The toilet is the first thing you see when you open the door to the bathroom, or the only thing you see if the door happens to be open. This wasn't the best option for the space, so that was definitely the first move that needed to be considered.

The vanity is to the right of the toilet made for ample space to switch the toilet and sink placement!

The shower placement stayed the same, but putting a tub in was necessary since the kids would need a tub for the next few years. Having a tub would also get them better offers when they are ready to move on and sell.

Now this cute little vanity, in front of the tile statement wall, is the star of the show! They can now walk by an open door and see something beautiful and maybe make them smile. We added in a wall to the right with a pocket door to hide away linen storage and the toilet. Now that can be used independently and keep the vanity or shower free for the kids, for example.

We also included the perfect vintage rug in front of the vanity to tie all of the colors from the tiles together!

In this photo, we moved the rug out of the way to reveal a fun extra touch in the bathroom floor. It was really tricky figuring out where those penny tile stripes were going to go, because we didn't want it to be in every grout line. We actually met the tile installer on site and worked with him to lay it all out, and he was super patient with us because most tile installers do not want to lay any tiles in a grout line. The little things can be more effort to execute, but they make the final product that much more exciting and fun to use every day!

We did not use really expensive finishes in this bathroom, but we used what we had in creative ways. The floor tile is actually the same as the shower wall tile, and adding that penny tile detail added a different, fun touch. We also wanted to elongate the height of the room as much as possible, so we utilized a ceiling mount shower curtain rod and used a longer curtain than usual to make it feel a little more special.

We also discussed wallpaper to bring pattern in, but anyone with little boys out there knows that was the last option for this bathroom! So we found this really fun patterned tile that will stand up to splashes, and that really drove the rest of the design decisions for the space.

For the hardware, we mixed brass and black finishes, along with woven details for the mirror and cabinet knobs for the vanity and linen cabinets. We continued that warmth from the woven elements into a sconce that has a white oak backplate, which all complement the hint of warm corner detailing on each of the patterned tiles.

We're all so excited to watch these spaces grow with the family using them every day. These clients actually welcomed their second son in the middle of construction - talk about the epitome of patience! We're very grateful to these clients for dealing with the ins and outs of construction while growing a human - you are rockstars!



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