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Design Style Series: California Casual

Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors

Photographed by Spacecrafting

California casual style may conjure up images of blue and white tones, natural materials like jute, rattan, cane, and rope... maybe beach themed artwork. While that can be true of California casual homes, you can mix and match a lot of these elements to create a coastal getaway in your own home, regardless of where you live! If you're drawn to this style, scroll through for more inspiration before your next big design project!

Designed by Mollie of Design Loves Detail

If you're ready to try incorporating more of the California coastal life into your home, here's a few ways you can do just that:

  • Use sunrise colors as inspiration for accents - pale pinks, soft blues, and pale lavender and oranges.

  • Feel free to mix vintage, aged, and imperfect pieces into your space! That could be rugs, reclaimed wood benches, or thrifted decor that has a story behind it.

  • Woven elements that include rope, rattan, caning, or jute instantly bring the California casual style into a space! Seating, lighting, wall art elements, and rugs are all places where these materials can be incorporated.

Designed by Serena & Lily

Need more? We've got you!

  • Consider doing mismatched chairs, or different head chairs from side chairs at your dining table.

  • Softer, curved lines will lend the space to a more casual feel - rounded pendants above an island or a dining table, and curved chairs in both dining and living would be great places to start.

  • Go for asymmetrical gallery walls with different frame finishes, and bring in as much plant life as you can water!

Photographed by Cattie Coyle Photography

Does this style speak to you? We'd love to know - comment below! And if you want to catch up on our first four design style posts in this series, click through below to read!



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