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Design Style Series: Scandinavian

Image sourced by Zephyr and Stone

Today's post is for all of our minimalist loving readers out there! We're looking at the main tenets of Scandinavian design for our third post in our design style series, and there's definitely more to it than what we all see at IKEA. With Scandinavian design, spaces focus on simple lines, combining functionality with beauty, and no clutter. These principles apply to interiors, furniture, textiles, lighting, ceramics, and really any consumer product designed with a Scandinavian aesthetic in mind. If you're drawn to this style, scroll through for more inspiration before your next big design project.

Designed by Lindye Galloway

Photographed by Chad Mellon

hushed colors tied to Nature

Because of the Scandinavian and Nordic relationship with nature, soft color combinations and natural materials are very popular for these spaces. You will find house plants, light wood, cotton, and wool in most Scandinavian interiors. Neutral, monochromatic colors such as warm white, tan, and black are in turn paired with blush pinks, gray-blues, and sage to maintain a peaceful interior environment.

Designed by Lindye Galloway

Photographed by Chad Mellon


Because this part of the world gets so little natural light during the winter, lighting is a major part of Scandinavian interiors. White walls and large windows are so popular because they maximize the natural light they do get throughout the year, but lamps and other lighting are critical to create cozy ambiance as well. Rooms will have multiple light sources, including the low, warm light of candles, directional lighting of table lamps, and bright glowing ceiling lights as well.

There is no fuss here - every single thing has a purpose, a function, and a place in Scandinavian design. If you find yourself using a capsule wardrobe, or embracing the Konmari method for organizing, this design style may just be the right one for you.

Designed by Lindye Galloway

Photographed by Chad Mellon

Are you a fan of this minimal style, or are you more of a fan of other types of interiors? If you want to catch up on first two design style posts in this series, click through below to read!

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