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What's Inspiring Us Lately

Design by Katie Monkhouse Interiors | Photographed by Stephanie Crusso

We're deep in the design process for a few projects this month, so I thought we would share a sneak peek into our Pinterest boards! Grab a cozy cup of coffee and have a look at what has been inspiring us lately!

Images curated via Pinterest

Warm browns, muddy greens, and terracottas are all finding their way onto our boards! More and more clients are looking for an overall natural palette - spaces that mimic the outdoors in tone and saturation. We love the calming quality of spaces in these colors.

Images curated via Pinterest

We're seeing roman clay, plaster, and natural stones in so many bathrooms lately! Think of material with imperfections, variations, and movement. These will age beautifully - think of those gorgeous statues and spaces in Europe that still stand today!

Images curated via Pinterest

We're loving soft plaids and delicate florals in terms of patterns as well. The floral wallpaper definitely reminds me of spaces from the past, but updated with softer colors and paired with more modern furniture.

Images curated via Pinterest

Woven, earthy, imperfect, and vintage rugs and textiles will always have my heart! The thrill of the find when we're shopping at markets or out and about is half the fun - you never know what color combination you'll find or how much aging you'll see.

You'll start to see touches of these inspirations coming up in our projects, but are you on board with these design elements? Tell us in the comments below!



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