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Vista Del Campo Reveal Part 03

This week, we're continuing our reveal of this large, colorful home for these clients and their five kids, taking a peek into the primary suite, powder bath, and laundry room! If you missed first two posts featuring the entry, living room, pantry, and kitchen, as well as their family room and dining room, take a minute and check that out first to see how these spaces complement these new spaces too!

I know a lot of you can relate to this - when you move in, the primary bedroom really just needs a bed and some lighting with nightstands to function, especially with five kids to raise and homeschool!

This was definitely a blank canvas to work with, and we thought these two deserved an oasis for themselves at the end of each day, when everyone else was in bed.

The biggest changes in here were the replacement of the fan with this large, gorgeous beaded chandelier, a canopy bed that commanded more presence in the space, and the simplification of the lines on the fireplace.

We added a white oak mantle to anchor the artwork above, and added this beautiful mosaic tile surround and quartzite slab for the fireplace hearth once we eliminated the curved architectural detail.

We also added drapery to soften the space, and motorized them to make it easy to open and close right from bed!

I think I love this bedroom so much because we actually have a few pieces at home as well! The alabaster lamps are so gorgeous in person, and I love their contrast with the warmth of the angular wood drawer fronts of the nightstands.

We also had plenty of space to have a small seating area for both of them to enjoy some sunshine, or have some quiet time in the mornings or evenings to wind down.

Now this transformation is definitely one of the big showstoppers of the house! The partially outdoor shower had a lot of potential to be fantastic, but the half wall was allowing a bit too much view into the bathroom for their liking.

We kept the general layout of the white oak vanity cabinets the same, but reconfigured the storage so that each of them had three small drawers near their sinks for toiletries and all the small things that should be within arm's reach during their self care routines.

We added this textured storage cabinet for linens and extras along a previously empty wall, and brought in another large chandelier with capiz shell and brass inlay to emphasize the height they have both in this space, and the primary bedroom.

As you'll see soon enough, we used the same square tile to cover the vanity wall as we used in the wet room shower as well. I love the mix of black and brass elements in the lighting and hardware, and the addition of these white oak shelves to echo the shelving they have in the kitchen and family room as well.

This part of the space actually wasn't part of the original scope, but as we progressed further into the project, they realized it would be the only space that wasn't redone, so we went ahead with it as well, and I'm so glad we did!

Before the renovation, the shower and bathtub area was totally open to the vanity portion of the bathroom, and therefore was always freezing, especially because it was open to the elements with these two glass barriers. And the half wall provided no privacy at all, to say the least.

Here's an overall shot that gives you a good idea of what we were working with at the beginning of the project. Like I said before, there was a lot of potential to make this bathroom amazing!

And I think we did! We brought the wall up and over to have complete privacy, but still maintained the feeling of an indoor/outdoor shower. We used this gorgeous white zellige tile that has natural variation throughout, and lined all of the walls and shelves above the tub with it to create this spa-like retreat!

We used a white penny tile for the flooring, and we also added a glass door to separate the vanity area from the shower and bathtub to create a full wet room!

All I can imagine is taking a bath in that tub at night, possibly seeing the stars and reading by candlelight! What a treat to have at your disposal!

Including these tiled shelves allows for some decor, as well as storage for towels or extra bath products to have on hand.

I absolutely adore this bathroom, and makes me so grateful to live in a state with weather beautiful enough to pull this off for year round showers and baths!

We can't forget the shower alcove, complete with towel hooks, an ample bench, and a niche for shampoo and soaps.

The powder bathroom actually had an interesting asymmetrical look to it already, so we didn't have to change too much to elevate this space.

We added one of darker vintage runners, updated the sink to a rectangular vessel sink, added a pivoting brass mirror above it, and hung these two wood and brass pendants in the corner!

Small changes can add up to big visual impact!

With five kids to do laundry for, our clients are going to be spending a lot of time in their laundry room, and she wanted the space to be a bright spot in the house!

Again, we didn't need to change the layout to make this happen. We painted the cabinets the same bright white as the crest of the house, switched the cabinet hardware and faucet for brass, gave them a lighter countertop, and added wood shelving above the washer and dryer, again to keep that consistent throughout the house.

We also used this sweet wallpaper for that little pop of color in each space that she loves so much!

There's so much more still left to reveal! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the rest of the house, and let us know in the comments below what your favorite room is so far.



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