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Vibes or Vicinity: Should I Hire a Local Designer?

The world has become more and more global in our current digital age, especially after the last two years. We've moved work meetings online, and more and more of our shopping online. So that begs the question in our own design bubble: could you work with a designer virtually, on a large new build or major renovation? Scroll through while we lay out the case for choosing a designer with your vibe, rather than only considering designers who are within driving distance of your home.

Let's say you live in a smaller town or an area that's a little bit more rural. You can't always find a designer whose aesthetic you really resonate with. That can be true if you live in a bigger city as well, and with how much of the world is accessible through our phones, it is completely possible to find someone halfway across the world, or on another coast, that appeals to your vibe.

Our current hiring process for our team has taught us that personality is actually our number one quality differentiator - does this person fit in with the current personalities of our team, and are they willing to be collaborative?

That same philosophy applies to a homeowner looking to hire a designer! You will be working with a designer for at least 12 months for a large new build or remodel, if not longer. Working with someone that is compatible with your personality will make the process 100% easier to navigate, especially when unforeseen decisions or setbacks happen (hello COVID!).

Our example of this idea in practice is our Greenwich, CT client!

They found us on Instagram, and reached out to see what it would look like working together. We met via Zoom for our initial calls, and flew out to take measurements and meet them in person. We were then able to design each space and meet through Zoom, email back and forth, and we went back out to install the project just a few months ago (we are highly anticipating finished photos!).

And if you're wondering how the client approved fabrics, leathers, and finishes, we meticulously labeled all samples for each space, and shipped a big bundle out to them to be able to touch and feel the samples as we went through each space via Zoom.

If you have the budget to include an additional trip for your designer to come out with samples to present in person, even better! But in the grand scheme of things, we think that it's just far more important to work with someone you have a great connection with, rather than settling for someone who lives close by that may not understand you or what you want to do with your space.

Our advice?

Expand your search, sign up for designer newsletters if they have them, and really immerse yourself in their world. A few months of paying attention to the details will reveal a lot about what each designer values, how they problem solve, and their personality through social media.

If you're looking for a designer and you don't live in Southern California, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We're open to local projects as well as out of state projects. We loved our time working with our east coast clients, and are excited to see where we will be traveling to next -- we're just one email away!



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