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Ventura Modern Craftsman Project Reveal

When we were prepping for the launch of the pillow shop (if you missed it, you can browse right here), we asked a few past clients to host us to photograph our pillows in real life environments. In that process, I realized that we hadn't been able to take photos of this project, which is very near and dear to my heart! Scroll through for inspiration if you have a Craftsman style home and you're looking for a modern update!

At the beginning of 2018, our community watched (and evacuated) as the Thomas Fire ravaged Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Seeing how much people lost over those few months really stuck with me, and it became so important to me to help anyone who reached out about a rebuild caused by the fire. Our Skyline project was the first of these, and the client project we're featuring today was actually a friend of our Skyline client! Referrals like this are the biggest compliment we could receive.

These clients had already brought in an architect and started the reconstruction process, so we primarily chose finishes and furnishings for them to complete the design. Because the client was so far into the process, we also acted as a sounding board for other decisions, and I know it was important to her that she was going down the right track. She even wrote me, "You have no idea how helpful you were during our journey back in and the true test is Tom even loves it!!" I know it was a home run if the husband gives his seal of approval!

Before it became mainstream, Craftsman style homes proposed big open floor plans, and this house was no different. We used the sectional and the dining table to create zones in the big, open space, and used light and airy fabrics to modernize the interior and bring some of the California casual style into their home.

They also love to collect art, so they have spent a good amount of time and effort searching for art that means something to them to fill these new walls. I loved walking in and seeing what they've added since the home was completed construction-wise - it's totally their personal style, and what more could you want for a client that had to start from scratch after such a horrific event?

The last space we worked on was this fun powder bathroom, where we added all the colors from the kitchen and living area into the hexagon tiles for the flooring!

The whole team was so honored to work on this project, and we are forever grateful for clients who support the dreams we have for the business, even after our projects together are complete.

What was your favorite part of this home? Let us know down below!



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