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The Start of Something Special

All of our projects and client families are very special, but sometimes we work on especially notable projects. I'm so excited to be finally sharing this news: we have been working on architectural and interior design plans for my Dad and stepmom Julie's new build home in the Santa Ynez Valley!!

Not only are the clients very dear to me, but my brother, Trevor Miller, AIA, will be the architect for the project as I work on the interiors with my team! I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to work with my family, build a home from the ground up in such a beautiful place, and create a legacy property where the younger generations and beyond can come and enjoy the beauty of the valley.

I mean, just look at that view!!

Julie sent over the back story of how this lot came to be:

Dad and I have been going to Santa Ynez for over 30 years, for long weekends and wine tasting. We have always loved the laid back feeling of the Santa Ynez Valley. When we moved to Santa Barbara and Dad retired, we started riding bikes out that way and got to know the area more personally. When we would be out riding we would always grab for sale flyers and think, wouldn’t it be cool to live out here.....

Fast forward to the summer of 2021....

A piece of property caught our eye and we went to look at it. While we were at the open house, the owners of the property we now own came to the same open house. The realtor mentioned they were planning to list their property soon, and it happened to be in the area we loved. 2 weeks later the property came on the market and the next day we put an offer in.

We feel very lucky and blessed to have an architect and an interior designer as our children. We feel so proud of the two of you and are so excited to be working with you both!

Here we are, once they closed on the property! A group of our family members were able to go out, see the site, and break open a bottle in celebration!

My brother Trevor actually helped with the purchase of the property. Their sweet family was able to visit, and we can't wait to all be there together after things are completed!

Even after all these months, these photos still take my breath away.

It really is a blank slate, and we're so excited as we've been moving through the design phase. Follow along with us here in the coming months - we'll take deep dives into the architectural plans, as well as the interiors.

We also want to focus on the working relationship between architect and designer, and that should be fun to throw sibling dynamics on top of while we work through this project.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to hear more about as we work through this build, please feel free to comment here or message us on Instagram!



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