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The MND Team Guide to Stocking Stuffers

We're big fans of stocking stuffers here at MND - I asked everyone on the team to submit what they love, and what they thought all of you would love to get in your stockings. Have a peruse, and feel free to forward this to someone who needs a big hint for the holidays :)

Madi's Favorites

Santal Oil for Diffuser: I love using this oil at home and in the office - there are notes of cardamom, orchid, vanilla, iris, amber, musk, leather, and sandalwood. Yum!

Blue Light Glasses: Anyone else use blue light glasses to make a fashion statement every once in awhile? I love the shape of these frames from Quay, with their more subtle coloring for the tortoise shell.

Stanley Water Bottle: I know I mention this every time, but we truly all have one of these, and they are just as amazing as the hype. Highly recommend getting on the waitlist for the next batch run!

Ilia Lip Balm: This lip balm is sooo hydrating and gives me good color on the days I need a makeup boost.

Hand Cream: This is never not with me - hand cream is critical to get through the dry winter months!

Tia's Favorites

Cutie Earrings: These 7/8" 18k gold huggies from Gorjana are a staple that I would love in the stocking!

Hair Clips: The 90's hair clips are back with a vengeance! These are great for any Gen Z'er in your life, or really anyone with long hair that is willing to watch a few TikTok videos to see how these are styled these days!

Body Glow: Aside from making your body glow, N°10 is rich in shea butter, squalane, sunflower seed oil, and Vitamin C for those added skincare benefits we all could use.

Jet Lag Mask: This mask is amazing to use at home, and absolutely after you get off a plane!

Car Air Freshener: Diptyque has really elegant car diffusers that use cold diffusion using your AC - this one is my favorite scent, but there are many options to choose from.

Kimberly's Favorites

'The Paris Apartment' Novel: I love a good mystery novel, and this is a slow-burn thriller that would be great to devour over the holiday travel season.

Gold Hoops: These hoops are a great size at 3/4" and I would wear these with everything!

Lavender Eye Mask: This is definitely one of those gifts that is always a hit, because no one thinks to get one for themselves! The lavender scent, plus the slight weight to the mask, puts me to sleep so fast! This would be great to have on a long haul flight too!

Lip Balm: We all could use an extra lip balm for the car, the purse, and the office, right? Right!

Tara's Favorites

Lip Sleeping Mask: I've sworn by this lip mask for years - just trust me. Your lips will feel amazing in the morning, every time!

Alphabet Necklace: This is a go-with-anything necklace that is great for layering, and an easy one to make the recipient feel special!

Parker Clay Gift Card: Hint hint if anyone is reading this that needs idea for my stocking :) Parker Clay has incredibly well made leather goods, and I would take one of each if I could!

Bath and Shower Oil: How beautiful are these oil bottles! These would be beautiful on a countertop in your bathroom, and the essential oils make for a relaxing bath or shower every time.

Brian's Favorites

Travel Charger: This is a great charger to keep in your bag to and from work, and an awesome option for travel too. It comes with 2 USB-C slots, 1 USB-A slot, and 2 AC outlets for a laptop charger (one is hidden on the underside!).

Scent (Madi’s favorite too!): This is my go-to cologne, and Madi always says it's great, so I won't complain!

Smart Plug: These plugs are really useful for smart home gadgets that can all be connected through the Apple HomeKit. This is really convenient when you forget to turn down the thermostat or turn off forgotten lights.

Cordless Pressure Inflator: This comes in handy for a lot of jobs around the house - cleaning, inflating air mattresses, or inflating sports balls.

Did you find any good ones on our list? I have quite a few ideas now - I just have to make sure I order it all before time runs out!



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