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Thankful for the Simple Things

How's Thanksgiving prep going for all of you?! If you haven't started yet, high five! I'm in the same boat.

Our last Thanksgiving in the home we sold in 2020 will forever be a favorite of mine. We went all out and it was the most dreamy, special night with so much of our family in our home. It was ridiculously windy all day long, but as soon as the sun started to set and our twinkle lights were glowing, the wind eased up the calm air was filled with nothing but love and laughter!

This year may not be as perfectly designed or well prepared, but it's just a testament to the fact that it's the people that matter most. As we're all preparing for celebration and time with the people we love, I wanted to share some of the people and things that have made life that much easier during this busy, busy year!


I love my coffee - at home, at my favorite local place, or even Starbucks - I'm not picky when it comes to my caffeine lately!

I get through my days with dry shampoo, as so many of us when we're running around! I bounce from product to product, but currently liking this one. It works best if you apply it at night!

My Yeti (for my coffee) and my Stanley (for my water) are permanently by my side!

This eye cream keeps people from immediately knowing how little I have slept - life saver!

And this perfume just makes me happy :)


Brian gets the best and worst of it all, and is there regardless. Love you!

I'm so grateful to family and friends, for loving me despite me not being the best at keeping in touch.

My team works so hard every day to help create the business that we have - they keep me going.

My designer besties keep me sane! 2022 was an exceptionally hard year. For creative people, the logistical struggles and difficult situations are incredibly draining, and although we may not have all the answers, having a group of amazing women to talk to that not only understand, but are in the same trenches is so comforting.

And of course, the dogs! Kevin, Dexter, Allen - they are never not happy to see me, and it’s the best coming home to them. Dexter always stays up late with me, and won’t go to bed until I do.

And last but not least, all of you and our fabulous clients, who make it possible to have this business! Giving you all a big virtual hug and good luck wishes for the turkeys to be made, the pies to be baked, and all the people you have to host!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!



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