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Team Intros: Meet Tara

We've grown our team a lot over the last year, so we wanted to dedicate some blog space to introducing all of you to the team members behind all those emails, if you haven't yet met in person!

First up is Tara, who was recently promoted from Design Assistant to Junior Designer. She's been with us through two office moves, multiple installs, and many a plane ride to clients and markets. I'm excited to see her grow even more than she has already, so let's see what she thinks about working for MND and how she spends her off time!

What's your go-to drink of choice?

TB: On a daily basis, water but on the weekends, a margarita or a chilled glass of Chardonnay.

What is the best item you've purchased in the past 3 months?

TB: These Adidas shoes are so comfortable and easy to clean!

Where do you love spending your Saturday?

TB: Walking around the local farmers market in the morning and then brunch.

What's your personal home style?

TB: I have a very simple and minimalistic style but always have a touch of coastal elements throughout my space.

How did you get into interior design?

TB: As a little girl, I used to beg my dad to help me redesign my room, on a yearly basis. Always painting the walls new colors, changing the flooring (thankfully we own a flooring company or that wouldn't have been an option) and adding pieces to the walls to help the space feel "new and different." With a family of general contractors, I just felt like it was in my blood to be creative but never realized it could be a profession until about 5 years ago!

What's your favorite part of working at Madison Nicole Design?

TB: One of the coolest perks from this job is being able to travel for work. In the last year, I have traveled to Connecticut twice, New York, North Carolina, Nevada and up and down the coast of California. Plus, having a great team makes for a wonderful work environment.

Interesting fact or story that not everyone knows?

TB: My grandma, Teri Janssen was Miss California in 1960 and my great grandma was Miss Nebraska.

Now it's time for a little lightning round of questions - how many do you have in common with Tara?

Fall or Spring? Spring because it comes right before Summer!

Baseball or Football? Go Dodgers!

Mountains or Ocean? Ocean

Hawaii or Italy? I have to say Hawaii because I have been a dozen times and it holds some of the best family memories.

Coke or Pepsi? Sprite haha

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Vodka or Tequila? Tequila, duh

Cheez it or Chex Mix? Chex Mix

Ask for permission or beg for forgiveness? Ask for permission

John Mayer or Taylor Swift? John Mayer, sorry Taylor Swift fans.

Chris Stapleton or Old Dominion? Chris Stapleton

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? I still don't know the difference between the two

Lady Gaga or Adele? Adele

Sweet or salty? Sweet

Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez? Jennifer Aniston

Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie? Contrary to popular belief, Nicole Ritchie

Full House or Family Matters? Full House

Beyonce or Anyone Else? Carrie Underwood

Sushi or Mexican? Sushi

Paddleboard or Kayak? Paddleboard

Instagram or TikTok? Tik Tok

If we ever dive into Tik Tok as a company, I know who to go to :) Thank you Tara for indulging me for this post, and for all the hard work you put in every day. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to meet more of our team members here on the blog!



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