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Spooky Season Decor

Photo by Studio McGee

I have absolutely no time to decorate for the holidays this year. I don't know who else is in my boat, but we are swamped in client installs, so I've been living vicariously through Pinterest instead. Since I won't have time to really decorate, I thought I would share my tips with all of you who can!

Photos provided L-R by Liz Marie Blog, Calley Rodman, and Jenna Sue Design

Personally, I prefer little touches here and there for decor, instead of an all out, very invested Halloween theme. I do have a lot of respect for the people that go all out though — it’s so much work and is so fun, but that’s just not in the cards for our busy life in this season!

Photo provided by Studio McGee

Here are a few tried and true tips I follow for holiday decorating:

1. Focus on specific areas in your home for your decor moments. It will allow for larger impact without overwhelming a space. And bonus - this keeps the work + clutter down!

2. Stick with a color palette. We typically don’t use bright orange in our designs, and just because it’s a standard Halloween color doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use it. You can still bring in more muted tones to get the feeling, without sacrificing the overall design of a space.

3. Avoid the glitter + flashing lights + obnoxious elements. You can have a super interesting design by incorporating different textures that aren’t so flashy. Think wicker, brass + copper finishes, smoked glass, iron candlesticks, and fall foliage to bring textural interest to a space.

Photo provided by So Much Better with Age

4. Repeat elements in larger numbers. It gives your eye less to focus on, but still creates a lot of drama. I’ve seen the bats all over a wall (or in cloches on a mantle, like you see above), lots of candlesticks, big groupings of pillar candles, or varying sizes of pumpkins. All of these have a similar effect.

5. Do what you like and be creative. It does not have to cost a fortune for it to look like some of the images in here! There's always a way to make it happen!

Do you already have ideas for what you want to do for your home this year? Share in the comments, and maybe find some inspiration for yourself as well!



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