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Smart Home Gadgets & Other Home Products we Love

As a lot of you know, we finally found a house at the end of last year, after a very long rental situation and home search, we're excited to get this house in shape, and make it work for us as a family! Because of that, I thought I'd share some of the latest tech gadgets and other problem solving products that I've used in other homes for years, and some new ones that we decided to try out.

Scroll through if you're wondering what gadgets you may want to incorporate into your own home too! I'm pointing out my current favorites, and if you want to skip right to all the links, they are at the bottom of the post for you. Happy shopping!


I purchased this Pura Diffuser before we moved out of our last home, and never wanted to use it in the rental. Now, over a year later, we can plug this in and get the house smelling so yummy in seconds! I love this diffuser because you can control it right from your phone, have two separate scents in the inner cartridge, and set the intensity of the scent - even how long you want the scent to be wafting into your space! I love these features, especially when I want to get rid of kitchen smells quickly, or if I'm having people over.

There's even a programmable light that can be set to any color on the color wheel, so it's a great nightlight option too!


If you're on Instagram in any sort of capacity, I'll bet you've seen an ad or a friend's story talking about the Tushy bidet. Brian loved the bidets in Europe on our last trip so much that it only made sense to try this at home too.

It was very easy to install on our toilet as is, and it uses the water that comes out of your faucets! No special electrical or plumbing requirements, so it's a great starter!

Elfa closet system

I am a HUGE fan of the Elfa Closet System at The Container Store. We used this system in our last garage to store accessories before we moved into the new office, and we were able to un-install everything and reuse them in the office storage space, and add more to it because we had more space!

There are a countless amount of options to rearrange the shelves and drawers based on what we're storing and where the system lives.

ring doorbell

This isn't new or radical, but we've been very happy with our Ring doorbells from past homes so we are definitely installing one in this house! The camera is a great thing to have when we're not home, and to track whether packages have arrived or not.

jura coffeemaker

This one is definitely a splurge, but I'm fairly certain that our fewer Starbucks purchases over the years has made up for it! No capsules for this one - this coffeemaker stores whole beans in a cartridge in the back and offers freshly ground coffee or espresso every time! A lovely thing to have at home... hoping we can splurge and one to the office soon too!

curl stop

This is in our install bag at all times, and something I can't recommend enough to anyone that has that pesky rug corner that will NEVER lay flat, no matter how hard you try! These are gentle on floors and so simple to use - you won't regret grabbing a set!

5 device wall outlet

This was also a Brian find, and one that I am so grateful for! Can you just imagine not needing the huge power bricks that cover up the other plugs, rendering these outlets only able to charge or use one device?

Luckily, that is in the past, and we can charge practically any device we own anywhere in the house with just a cord.

Consider using this type of outlet in charging drawers in an office or kitchen, next to the bed, and in the bathroom - total game changer!

Click through below to get into each product in more detail, and find other items I've shared in the past that we love having in the house!

Do you have a favorite gadget or product that has made your life infinitely easier at home? Share it in the comments!



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