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Primavera Dining Room Reveal

If you've been following along on Instagram stories for the past few weeks, you know we've been working hard to get caught up on all of our photo shoots from recently completed projects! We still have more to go, but we are so excited to share the images we received back from the lovely ladies at Public 311 and today we are sharing the dining room of a fabulous family!

We started here, where the dining room functions in a few different ways! This family wanted more seating for extended family, as they have a large family on both sides. Maximizing seating in this smaller space was their biggest priority!

We upgraded the dining seating by adding one extra chair and a leather cushioned bench in order to squeeze in multiple little kids. The chairs actually came without cushions, so we decided to make custom leather seat cushions to match the bench and give everyone a bit more padding for long family dinners!

This is the view you see from the front door, and I like that this entire footprint is visually light, and doesn't make this space feel too crowded with furniture. We matched that lightness with a large scale chandelier, but again, the structure of it is very light to make the room appear bigger than it is.

We also added this very shallow buffet on the side wall for additional bar storage, big platters, and extra dishes. It gives that wall a big presence in the space, and the shallowness allows for easy access to the hallway beyond toward the garage and the guest bedroom. The tilt up glass doors slide back in on themselves so everything can be accessed without taking up more room in the space - win win!

There's a tiny sneak peek of the living room we're showing you next week too!

The kitchen wasn't in our scope of work, and it is a small, but mighty workhorse for this family. Because the fireplace had these niches on either side of it, we decided to give them a bit more storage there for kitchen overflow and shelves for styling.

We also added more supportive counter stools in the same warm camel leather to tie into the dining area within arm's reach!

Niches like this become easy places for home items to hide, like these vacuums. Adding built-ins doesn't have to be a huge undertaking, but they do really make a difference!

These new cabinets and the continuation of the kitchen countertops makes these feel like they were added all at the same time, and makes use of all of the available space!

This room is a great example of small changes that make a big difference in terms of the function of the room for the family's lifestyle. The living room is a great example of this too - stay tuned to see what we did to transform it next week!



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