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Phase 02 of the Design Process

This week we are talking all about Phase 02 of the Design Process - Design Vision!

Once our Design Agreement is finalized, the fun part begins!

You will complete a thorough design questionnaire to help us get more acquainted with your personal style and daily life.

It may seem like a lot of questions when you first open it, but each of those questions has been added as we experience each new project and find ways to be more efficient and specific about your preferences. It's definitely worth the time up front to really think about how you live and answer as honestly as possible! Example questions include what type of sofa fill you and your family prefer, whether you like new or vintage rugs, and if you like storage in your nightstands rather than a side table. We also include questions about your lifestyle, where you like to vacation, how you spend your free time, and your favorite drink! The more we can learn about you and how you use your home, the better equipped we will be to create a space that is perfectly suited to you.

We will browse inspiration photos and put together design concepts that will help us hone in on the desired aesthetic and overall direction based on your questionnaire answers. If you have Pinterest boards to share, we ask for specifics in photo captions so we know what you like in each photo (the chair in one photo, the paint color in another, or the overall look of the entire room are all valid!). This is the step where we set the vision and tone for the house, and this step is really helpful in making sure we're all on the same page.

Then we meet in person (and Zoom these days) to go over these concept boards. If we have any revisions to go through, we make those changes and once you sign off on these concept boards, we are on to Design Development!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our Phase 3 walkthrough. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below or email us directly through our contact page!



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