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Our Office Opening Party

It's only been a week, but we're still on cloud nine after celebrating the opening of our office with our most favorite people! Family, friends, vendors, and clients from all over California came in to see the new space, and I couldn't be more grateful for the community I am blessed to have, in both life and business.

If you missed the festivities, look through for sneak peeks of the office before we publish the full office blog post soon!

And if you didn't catch it on our Instagram, the winners of our giveaways were:

Alyssa Stalker for the $200 pillow credit, and Josie Arrigoni for the free design consultation!

Our pillows and accessories were a hit with everyone - stay tuned for limited shop hours coming soon.

Our new pillows are even toddler approved - and how cute is my nephew?!

I'm so thankful to have Brian with me through the last minute planning, finishing touches, and logistics of planning this party (and literally everything else that has to do with the business!).

Shoutout to Petal & Rind for the spectacular grazing table they put together on our kitchen island - it was the perfect touch and let everyone get what they wanted from all sides!

My architecture friends from Cal Poly even made it for the party! Love you ladies!!

We had the most amazing sunset that night - the sky was ablaze with the brightest pinks and purples.

Shoutout to Bubble Tap Trailer for an amazing outdoor bar that kept everyone happy all night long!

All I can say is thank you.

Thank you to my team, for keeping the train running day in and day out, and putting up with all of my crazy ideas.

Thank you to my family, for always being there to support, especially when this was only a thought, a dream, a faraway reality.

Thank you to my clients, for trusting us with your homes and visions for the backdrop of your lives.

Thank you to all of my vendors, for navigating every possible logistical issue, especially in the last two years.

You all make this possible, and I love you all so much!



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