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Our Italy Trip Recap + Lessons Learned

We're back in the office, and I finally had some time to process our anniversary trip to Italy earlier this month! If you followed along with us on Instagram, you'll know that the trip did not exactly turn out the way we anticipated, but if anything, we’ve learned to roll with the punches.

We learned quite a few hard lessons on this trip, and definitely have recommendations for those brave enough to travel given current circumstances for the summer 2022 season:

- Pack a carry on with at least a few days worth of clothes in it, different shoes, swimsuit, medication, and toiletries. That way if something awful does happen and you lose your luggage, at least you have options to work with.

- If you do check bags, pack half of your items along with half of your partner’s items. This way if one bag gets lost, but one makes it to you, both of you still have items. This advice doesn’t help at all when the airline manages to lose both bags, but Brian’s bag arrived before mine and although I was excited for him, selfishly I was still so upset that I didn't have any of my things!!

- Buy Apple AirTags. They won’t necessarily get your bag to you any sooner, but I like having as much info as possible, and these little guys are trackable! We were left completely in the dark by the airline. They disconnected phone lines, didn’t answer due to high volume of calls, and we had ZERO idea where our luggage even was. It would have helped my peace of mind a bit to at least know where our things were.

Ok PSA is done! Now to the fun things…I have plenty of recommendations for both Rome and the Amalfi Coast, so scroll through if you're planning a trip of your own, or need some escapist, wanderlust content :)

Amalfi Coast

Where to stay

We stayed in Amalfi, but I think when we go next time (because there will be a next time!) we will stay in Positano. Amalfi is a bit easier to navigate around, with less steps, but Positano was just magical. Most tours left from Positano, and we were definitely wishing we stayed there. Amalfi is amazing too though if you don’t want to hike to dinner all the time!

When looking for accomodations, be sure to do it sooner rather than later. There aren't tons of options, and the great ones book up quickly. We were fortunate to have a room with the most stunning view of Amalfi, surrounded by bougainvillea and lemon groves and a perfect shot of the coast. Our balcony was small, but I was thrilled that we had it, and I would definitely prioritize a room with a view!

Where to eat

Da Vincenzo in Positano was wonderful and our favorite while we were there!

Antica Latteria di Tramonti is a tiny little shop with fresh Mozzarella and other items on the way to Amalfi from Rome or Naples. Brian is still dreaming about it… and I’m not surprised. It was delicious!

Where to visit + how to get there

We ended up flying in to Rome because the flights to Naples were very limited when we booked. It's about a 3 hour drive from Rome to the Amalfi Coast. Naples is closer to an hour and a half. We found a transfer service that was wonderful; they picked us up from the airport and brought us directly to our hotel -- with a stop for lemon granitas and that amazing mozzarella on the way!

It was pretty easy to get around once we were there! There are ferries that go from each of the cities, and it’s definitely the most scenic and affordable. You can purchase ferry tickets on your phone and skip the lines. We also took a taxi to Positano early one morning, and although expensive, was lovely to see the coast from a different vantage point.

The Amalfi Coast is made up of a bunch of different towns. We did not have time to visit all of them due to losing a day to travel, and another day having to shop for needed items. But we did make it to Capri, which is stunning, but overwhelmingly crowded + touristy where the ferries drop off. You have to get to other parts of the island to enjoy more!

Ravello is on our list to visit next time — we didn’t have time to get there on this trip, and I’m still bummed about it!


Where to Stay

This time we stayed at The Hoxton - click through the link to get a room tour! The hotel is beautifully designed, but not the best location for first timers. Luckily it wasn’t our first time to Rome, so we were happy with it! During our first time there, we stayed near Piazza Navona, and it felt pretty central to everything.

Where to eat

Da Enzo - it’s a very popular place, but the food is delicious! You will likely have to wait in a line to be seated, but the people are wonderful + the food was SO worth it!

Trappizino - this was more like street food… but it is sooo good!

All the gelato is amazing. Seriously can't go wrong!

Where to visit

Honestly, all of Rome is amazing; there’s no shortage on things to see.

We did a Vespa tour with Scooteroma our first time there, and it was the most amazing experience.

This trip was so much more relaxed and we didn’t do any guided or planned tours; just enjoyed the city. We loved riding Lime scooters around - they save your feet from some of the walking, but are also just so fun!! Just watch out for loose cobblestones!

We also love Trastevere — cutest area to wander around after a yummy dinner!

We're already counting down to our next trip back! And I will definitely reconsider how we pack and prioritize carry-ons next time :) Learn from our mishaps and you'll be way better off for it! Ciao ciao!



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