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New Hobbies in Lockdown

I'm sure that many of you have had days where Netflix is fresh out of shows, work is finished for the day, and you are sitting in the same place you have been for the past few weeks. Brian and I have definitely gone stir crazy a few times during the lockdown, but I'm thankful we've picked up a few new hobbies together, and continued old ones to connect with each other outside of our home/offices now.


Our three pups, Kevin, Dexter, and Allen, always keep us on our toes, so the walks haven't been hard to continue through the lockdown. Now we've added in bike rides near the ocean to go further, enjoy the sunshine of Ventura, and check out homes in the neighborhood (occupational hazard with me I guess!). It's a great way to schedule in pause time, because I know I can get carried away working into the darkest hours if I don't make this a priority.


Being a solopreneur means that all of my retirement funding and planning is not taken care of by an employer with pre-existing options. Everything has to be planned and decided between me and Brian, but I will admit I haven't been as diligent with everything as I could have been. In that way, this extra time has helped us refocus and prioritize for our long term future, and I am very thankful for that!


I am SO happy to say we don't have any pests in our garden this year, and we are enjoying the fruits (more like veggies) of that labor! Home grown tomatoes, jalapeños, green onions, and basil have been delicious this season! Anybody craving margarita pizza?!


Vodka soda with extra lime is my normal go-to drink, but I've branched out a bit these past few months! Our Meyer

lemon tree started producing, and I’ve mastered my lemon drop 🙌🏼 I’ve never been one to measure, but juice one whole lemon, mix with a shot or two of vodka (Tito’s is my forever favorite), add a little bit of sugar, and a splash of Triple Sec. SO good!!


This is a forever love of mine! Did you know I started my business incorporating floristry for weddings as well? I still use this skill for my client installs, but I never get tired of making fresh arrangements for our home too.

What new hobbies have you picked up since you've been at home? Let me know below!



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