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My Favorite Mixed Berry Pie Recipe

Not sure what to bring to your family Thanksgiving this year? I'm happy to share my favorite mixed berry pie recipe with you, because it's always a hit with everyone! Plus, if you're feeling creative, you can do a lot with some crust, a pizza cutter, and cookie presses! I'll keep your secret - but make sure to tag me on Instagram to revel in your pie magic!

All of the women in my family have loved berry pies for years and years. Awhile ago, I wanted to make my own name for myself in pie making, so I started bringing an apple pie every year. Then a cousin started bringing another apple pie, and we were just drowning in apple pie every year. I reverted back to berry pie, and I remember my Granny sitting and watching me patiently create my crust patterns (because the presentation always took precedence over the taste, even though it WAS delicious).

I tie so much of this tradition to my Granny, and I miss her so much, especially during the holidays. I'm excited to see what I come up with this year, and I won't phone it in like I did in 2020 (I cut out the word 'pie,' laid it on top, and that was it). The pie was still made, and it was still delicious - no harm, no foul!

This Taste of Home recipe for mixed berry pie is the closest to what I follow, but I do make some adjustments:

I use blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and no strawberries. I add more of the other berries to cover for the strawberry quantity. I also use about 25% more berries than the recipe calls for, because they cook down and there's never enough.

Also — a lot of times I will cheat and do a store bought crust. The homemade version is obviously better, but Pillsbury is great in a pinch! No one will notice, especially if you do a fun pattern on top - all you'll get is ooh's and ahh's, and you just need to say thank you, and enjoy 😉

Happy early Thanksgiving to all of you and your families, and thank you so so much for following along with us here on the blog!



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