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How to Update Your Home Between Design Phases

More often than not, clients split renovations into multiple phases - sometimes it's about budget, other times it's about not wanting to move out for months on end during a full renovation, or even about not wanting to make that many decisions all at once. Whatever the reason, there's always an awkward time in between projects, where the house can look like quite the adventure in design trends over the years.

And any of you that know how a renovation unfolds knows all too well that permitting, architectural plans, and interior plans can have you waiting for a year or even two before the project is complete. Today we're diving into the various ways you can update a space in the time you're waiting for a full blown remodel or renovation to start! All it takes is a bit of creativity and some patience.

This post was inspired by a project we're working on currently, and we've wrapped phase one. Now that we're waiting for phase two, these clients have a few spaces that don't feel great, so we have been walking them through ways to improve these spaces without putting a ton of money into them, since they will most likely be starting from scratch later on.

Cohesive Paint Colors

Painting the spaces that haven't been renovated gives them a fresh update, even if it's just all white. Having different colors in every space is the easiest way to feel disjointed transitioning between rooms. This is a lower budget upgrade that can make a huge difference in your day to day perception of your home, while you're waiting for your next design phase!

Price Friendly Rugs

Having soft rugs underfoot is important to them in the interim, but we went for price friendly options that they wouldn't feel guilty about if they didn't work out, or if the style changes once the design phase comes around.

Transitional Lighting Fixtures

Even if new light fixtures you choose don't end up where you installed them initially, upgrading these fixtures in the meantime are another great way to update an in-transition space! They can always be un-installed and repurposed in another space when the full renovation finally comes around.

Update Cabinet Hardware

These clients weren't looking to spend a ton of money on nice cabinet hardware, so we found really simple black hardware on Amazon, and they instantly updated the bathrooms we plan on renovating later on. They need to last a few years, so this was a great temporary solution.

Enjoy That Furniture Now + repurpose

They know they will be getting a sectional when the next project phase is underway, so they are splurging on a custom sectional that will work right into the future design plan. They can enjoy it for the next few years instead of waiting for the renovation, and we're looking at our budget friendly, non-custom lines for the living room sofa to save money overall. They may use it in the next phase, but they would be fine with passing it on to someone else who needs a sofa when the time comes.

There you have it! Have you tried any of these temporary solutions between phases for your own home?



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