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How To Mix Metals in Your Home

Have you ever wondered if you can or should mix metals in your bathroom or kitchen? We get this question with almost every client, so you are not alone! And our answer is: YES you can absolutely mix, and you should if you have the pull to do it! Mixing metals keeps the eye moving around a space, and gives your home a more custom look, without too much extra work! We know clients love to see visuals of mixed metals that work, so today we are sharing some favorite kitchens and bathrooms that just do it right! Scroll through for a few examples, and some of our tips for choosing your combination for your space.

Designed by Meg McSherry Interiors

Photographed by Sarah Winchester Studios

This classic kitchen is a great example of mixing satin nickel, brass and matte black finishes for the faucets, lighting, cabinet hardware, and shelving brackets. We like to start with one main metal for pieces that are being installed more permanently, like faucets and pot fillers, and then layer another metal finish through lighting and cabinet hardware. This kitchen is a great example of incorporating a third metal in the island hardware to contrast against the dark paint color and add some warmth to the neutral kitchen.

Designed by Elizabeth Roberts

Don't you just love this kitchen!?! That countertop and the cabinets just have me drooling! I love this kitchen because it is a fabulous example of stainless steel appliances and hood and a polished nickel faucet paired with brass lighting. The grey and rust tones throughout the countertop is a big reason the two metal tones work so well together. The spruce tone of the cabinets also works well with both metals because it tows the line of cool and warm color, so pay close attention to the other finishes in the space to figure out which metals to pair!

Designed by Pure Salt Interiors

Consider a dark sink and matte black faucet for some drama in your kitchen! It would have been just as beautiful to do a satin nickel faucet or a brass faucet to match the hardware in this kitchen, but I love the unexpected use of darker elements here. Plus your dark sink might hide some unsightly things in a pinch when you have unexpected company!

Designed by Studio McGee

We love this simple powder bath as well - another great example of a faucet and lighting match, and a cabinet hardware, towel hooks, and mirror match. We suggest repeating each metal at least once to make it feel cohesive and purposeful, especially in a small space like this.

Designed by Amber Interiors

We have a triple metal bathroom situation here! The contrast of the black hardware against the light wood vanity packs a punch, and the brass sconces pull the warmth up to the wall as well. The polished nickel faucets, towel rings, and mirrors work really well with the fully tiled backsplash, and plays off the cooler tones of the veining throughout the tile.

We're huge fans of all of the spaces and designers here, and we hope you've been inspired to take a chance with your metals. Are you ready to take a chance on mixing metals or are you still hesitant? Feel free to ask questions in the comments below!



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