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How to Make a Small, Builder Grade Space Feel Custom

Ever wonder how you can make your space look and feel more customized, when you don't have the budget to really go full tilt on changing finishes, flooring, drapery, or wall color?

Today we'll show you how we did just that with a previous client's transition home!

She worked with us on one of our first big projects, the Sorority House, and she thought of us again as she and her daughter moved from Santa Barbara to Ventura! It was such a special project to work on for them, and I know they're enjoying it so much now, months after our install.

The Layout Is Everything

A functional floor plan layout is the most crucial piece of the puzzle for any project, but this is especially true for a small space like this. Even with the smaller condo footprint we had to work with, they wanted to maximize their seating in the living room. We were able to fit a full sectional, plus a smaller scale swivel chair and moveable ottoman here, with a full dining table that seats 6, as well as 2 counter stools! Look for smaller scale furniture that still is comfortable for you and your family's heights and body measurements.

Splurge on Designer Pillows + Performance Fabric

Great quality fabric in interesting textures and prints will instantly elevate in any space. Throw in really good and soft down inserts, and your sofa will feel instantly more luxe. We used quite a few from our MND pillow collection - have a look if you see something you love too!

We actually used very similar performance fabric to the sofas we used in the sorority house, as this client has witnessed first hand how durable they have been with so much activity 24/7 and 30 girls!

Rugs Can Add Great Color + Dimension

Vintage rugs are gorgeous and rich in history and patina, so if you can find one that you love and get a good price for it, I say go for it! If your budget doesn't allow for that, look for rugs that have good depth of color, and a rich pattern that can hide dirt and stains if you find yourself in a pickle with pets or little ones (or adults too, let's be honest).

Statement Lighting Moves the Eye Around a Space

One piece of statement lighting is a great way to break the vertical plane in a builder grade space with white walls! This simple double drum pendant added just the right amount of woven texture into the dining area, and it doesn't compete with the pendants right over the kitchen counter.

We also used brass wall sconces in one bedroom, and textured white ceramic table lamps in the other bedroom. A variety of lighting choices will elevate your home immediately!

Opt For Headboards, Rather Fully Upholstered Beds

Headboards with interesting details, like these leather straps, or a print like the pinstripe headboard in their other bedroom below, gives a bedroom that punch of something interesting when you won't be painting walls. And a frame with lighter legs can help to keep a smaller bedroom looking airy and spacious, rather than overstuffed with bulky furniture.

Add some layered textured bedding and pillows, and you've got yourself a dynamic bedroom that is beautiful and functional!

You don't have to break the bank to achieve a layered, custom look in your home. We'd love to help if you're looking for someone to bring all of these elements together - please reach out when you're ready to create the home you'll love!



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