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How Much Does It Cost To Furnish A Guest Bedroom?

We've made to the last room of our cost series - the kids and guest bedrooms! Both types of rooms can be similar in cost to furnish, and there are a few key tips to get the most out of the furniture and textile choices in these spaces. Scroll through for our cost breakdown and realities to consider when furnishing a kid's bedroom or a guest room!


For both a child and a guest, does it make sense to have a bed with storage because of space? Would they prefer an upholstered bed versus a metal or wood structured bed? Maybe even a canopy? All of these considerations affect the price point for the bed. This is a great piece to put in a solid investment because the bed may last the entirety of their childhood, and possibly become the bed for the guest room once they leave the house!


Bedding is such a personal decision - and you have so many options in terms of material! You have percale, sateen, linen, bamboo, even silk - what do you choose?! Going with easy to wash options for kids is our best bet, and that goes for guests too! If you love light and white bedding like we do, remember that you can always bleach clean white bedding, and you can't with other colors.

Layers also dictate the overall price - do you include a duvet cover, blanket, and quilt, with a throw blanket on top for good measure? That's all personal preference and how much your kids (or your guests) love making their beds every day - or not, no judgment!

We could say the same thing for pillows - are the decorative pillows handprinted individually or sent through a factory assembly line? Are they limited run releases or color releases for a specific season, or something you can buy at any time? Are the pillow inserts polyester filled or down filled? All of these factors can change the pricing dramatically. Remember that this is what will most likely change the most often in a kid's room because of personal preference and growing up, so we recommend not being too precious about the decorative pillows and bedding.


Our post about rug material content gives all the details about what goes into the construction of a rug, so pull up a chair before you click over - we didn't hold back any details! It's a nice touch for guests' feet in the morning, and a play area for the kids if you don't have carpet in these spaces.


Lighting has a huge range because we see handblown, custom pendants and chandeliers made, and we see more mass-manufactured lamps as well. There is definitely a balance between functional use and choosing a lighting fixture because it's just the most beautiful piece of art you've ever seen and you want that to be a focal point in a space. Guest rooms are a great space to try a funky or different chandelier that you love, or fun lamps in an interesting shape or color. Same goes for the kids, but if you want the space to grow with them with classic pieces, go for funky or fun pieces in the bedding and artwork that can easily change.


Materials are big here - are marble, hardwood lumber, or welded metal involved in the pieces you choose? Are you choosing nightstands and dressers with soft close storage? What type of hardware is being used for both pieces? Raw material costs, extra material needed for storage, and the extra labor all contribute to the price range listed above. And again, type of construction and overall quality of that construction are a deciding factor.


It doesn't take a lot to accessorize these spaces, but the quality of the pieces chosen affect costs a lot. Craftsmanship and artisanal work takes much more time, material, and creativity, and prices can reflect that. How large are these art pieces and/or accessories? Are you purchasing from a vintage source or reusing something you already own in a new way? Can you take your children's artwork or create some artwork yourself, and get them professionally framed? As with many categories, you must decide what takes priority for you in determining what budget makes sense for your style sensibility.

Was this helpful for you? Anything you're thinking about adding into your guest or kids bedroom that we haven't covered? Leave a note below and we'll add it to the list!



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