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Help Us Choose Lighting For The New Office!

We're so close to the finish line of our new office! I have to admit, I'm really feeling the decision fatigue while trying to complete multiple client projects and some work at my own house and I'd love some feedback from you, our faithful readers! We have quite a few pieces of lighting decided + installed already, but we're not sure what to do for the conference room.

Let's have a look throughout the rest of the office to give you a sense of what we have already ordered, and then you can decide what you love for the conference room! Because this office is very much a showcase for our clients, and also possibly a retail space later on down the line, it is important that we show multiple finishes and styles. They all must still complement each other - hence, decision fatigue!

The sconces above the desks (mocked up above) were a great find, and gives us an option showcasing brass paired with a ceramic shades; we love the pleats and all the texture it brings!

The main chandelier is a combination of multiple linen shades and an aged iron frame, and it takes advantage of vertical height. The pendants above the island are gorgeous pieces that use opal shiny glass paired with aged brass. The opacity of both ties them together, even though they are made using different materials.

The bathroom sconces have bamboo wrapped arms, aged brass bases, and linen shades. The overhead pendant has such an interesting shape to its white linen shade, but still complement the sconces well.

We intentionally left the pillow room feeling pretty natural. We will have pillows lining the walls on shelves and we wanted them to be the star of the show, so the light in this space is a simple cone pendant. The shade is made from antiqued brass and features a sphere of white marble inside the shade. It's probably my favorite light in the entire office, and images do not do it justice!

The hallway light is probably the most used light across our projects. It transitions beautifully across modern + more traditional styles, and comes in multiple sizes + finishes. It's a hard one to beat!

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

We're getting co slo but this conference room pendant is just another decision to check off the list. Which one if your favorite - option 1, 2, or 3? I'm highly considering #2 for my private office, but I'd love to hear which one you love! Comment below with your favorite, or leave a message for us on Instagram!


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