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Happy Birthday Brian!

Excuse me while I gush about my best friend and my everything for his birthday!

Brian has always been the dreamer, he erases any of the fear and self-doubt that I have in myself by setting big, lofty goals that I would have been too scared to speak out loud. But he’s also the one quietly behind the scenes, making sure the goals and dreams we have set are actually being achieved. Sure, he gets more sleep than me, but he’s consistently taking care of so much to make my days easier.

Around MND, he’s IT, HR, and GC all wrapped into one.

I’ve known him since I was 7 years old, and even though he had a childhood crush on me back then, I never in a million years thought we would date or be married. Clearly he was right back then, so I’ve trusted his dreams + ambitions much more than I trust my own anymore.

Most big things in our life come down to him!

Moving to Ventura — Brian. The push to start a business on my own — Brian. The first office — Brian. The second office — Brian. Growing the team — Brian. Some of the ideas may have been mine, but the courage to pursue them and act on them come in large part from his support, which I am endlessly thankful for!

Happy birthday to you, Bri. I'm infinitely lucky to be next to you for every single one. 💛



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