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Fresh Pillows in the MND Shop

We officially have new pillows in the shop! This time we were able to find great vintage pieces and also designer fabric options to complement the other fabrics we already have in the shop.

Scroll through to see many of them used in recently completed projects, and hopefully you find some favorites for you or a loved one! And if there are colors or patterns you'd love to see in our next batch, feel free to leave a comment below!

Our Hilltop House project highlighted a lot of our favorite pillows, including one of a kind vintage pillows! We have an ever changing collection since these are one of a kind, so be sure to grab them up if you see one you like - you never know if it will be there tomorrow.

This sweet dining nook from our Eucalyptus Hill project features our Stevi Pillow, Bradford Pillow, and Tia Pillow in the corner, ready for grandkid snuggles!

This play and future homework nook for our smallest clients at the Sailor Project had to be snuggly and soft, and the Teddy Pillow, Molly Pillow, and Owen Pillow just fit the bill.

On the other side of the room, this sectional features some of our tried and true favorites, as well as some new ones! From left to right, we feature the Stevi Pillow, the Olivia Pillow, the Kimberly Pillow, the Finley Pillow, the Owen Pillow, the Lou Lou Pillow, and the Hayden Pillow.

This front room in our Primavera project features our Theo Pillow, Goldie Pillow, and Graham Pillow! The combination of textures, colors and patterns have us swooning still all these months later.

The Graham Pillow and Alice Pillow are mixed with these one of a kind vintage finds on this beautifully aged leather sofa as well.

Have a look through the site if you're in the market for a pillow refresh, and if you prefer to shop for pillows in person, be sure to watch our Instagram for our open shop hours! Happy shopping!



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