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Designer Pet Peeves

This one is for all of my designer friends out there! We posted a poll on Instagram over the last few days asking for designer pet peeves, and oh, did you all deliver :)

My number one pet peeve will always involve poorly placed windows that serve the exterior only, and pay no attention to the space inside. And my favorite submission so far has definitely been - "Does being called a decorator count?"

Scroll through for a good chuckle and know that we're all in it together working through these obstacles in the design process.

Submissions ranged from exterior architecture...

  • too many rooflines & too many different types of pitches and designs all on the same home

  • farmhouse exterior paired with tropical front yard landscaping

  • windows that look good outside but make bad focal points inside

  • faux shutters that don't even get close to the correct size for the window they're paired with

to interior details...

  • barn doors

  • carpet in bathrooms

  • so much white everywhere

  • doors that open the wrong way

  • over fridge cabinets not being flush (only 12" deep)

  • rugs that are too small for the room/floating furniture

  • automatic toilet seats -I don't need to be saluted when I come into the room

  • soffits, islands that have side exposed overhang, tiny windows up high in showers

  • sinks that have faucets that are positioned too far back so you can't even wash your face

and of course, lighting...

  • light fixtures that aren't centered in a dining room

  • over-reliance on recessed lighting

with a lot of decor choices...

  • fake books

  • bedroom sets

  • clutter - less is more!

  • themed rooms in the wrong places

  • live, laugh, love and other word signs

  • cheesy coastal accents like fake coral

  • kids pictures above you and your spouse's bed

Of course this is all in good fun, and thank you to all of the designers who took a moment to submit these responses! Do you have any you would add to this list? Go ahead and leave yours below!



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