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Design Concepts for a Mid-Century Home

We've just completed the first round of design concepts for a very special project, and you might be surprised to see it all, based on our love for that California coastal vibe. These clients have a beautiful mid-century home, and they have trusted us to bring their big, fun ideas to life, but also keep them from going overboard. This is a first for us, and our senior designer Tia is killing it so far! Have a scroll through to see what we're thinking for this two story mid-century home.

These clients have actually lived in this house for several years, so they know how they have functioned (and not functioned) in the space before deciding to do a full remodel. They first reached out to an architect, who was a family friend, and subsequently an architect we were actively working on another project with at the time. That architect recommended a bunch of contractors, including the contractor that worked on our MND offices, and they really liked him as well. Both the architect and contractor gave them our name to reach out to for interiors, but we didn't hear from them for awhile. Then, wouldn't you know, they knew previous clients and visited our Sailor project! They asked who had worked on their home, and they mentioned us and that same contractor! It was just meant to be, and she called soon after to say 'let's get the band back together again!'

They have a lot of big, bold ideas, and they're definitely counting on us to make those happen, but also to rein them in so their house isn't full of big moments that are watered down because of the quantity of those moments.

Our big vision for this home is functional, yet also conversational, eclectic, and refined, with some fun twists mixed in. Playful is another great word to describe this couple and their vision for this house, and we definitely accept that challenge.

The entry is the first impression for everything else in the house, and a geometric floor tile mixed with an integrated bench and vertical white oak detailing is where we think we're headed!

The stairs are a great opportunity to make a sculptural statement with the vertical white oak detail, and a fun pop of tile on the stair risers. This is also a great opportunity for hidden storage, which they really need based on how they've used the house before.

This will be a showstopper moment for sure!

Textured surfaces are a big theme throughout the house, and the fireplace and built-in media storage are no different! The stacked tile fireplace will be the big visual statement in this room, and I love how that will play next to the wood paneling detail of the sliding doors that hide the TV when it's not being used.

We have plenty of space to work with, so stay tuned to see how this area refines over the next few weeks.

These clients aren't afraid of color by any means, so this kitchen will be really bright and fun! The island will be an asymmetrical shape with a rounded walnut pedestal on one side, and possibly a blue color on the rest of the island. They're open to bright yellow dining chairs as well - we'll see what the final decision is!

The exposed dovetail joints on the drawer fronts, as well as integrated pulls along the perimeter cabinetry, are such beautiful details that I hope we're able to implement.

When we first met, they mentioned that they really enjoy Easter eggs around the house that are little, fun surprises that you might not notice right away, that are just a little quirky. These octopus shower drains are a great example of that! There will be more to come in that department - maybe we'll do a blog post on these details when we've completed construction?!

The office is going to be a big showstopper room! One full wall will be floor to ceiling bookshelves, styled to the nines, and will hide a bookshelf door to the upstairs den. It's really giving speakeasy vibes so far, and I'm excited to see this come together!

The den is going to be a rich, moody space, possibly with fun, rich wallpaper, dark colored seating, and a full wood media center wall. I have a feeling the parties thrown here will be legendary!

We'll keep you all updated as more decisions are finalized, but I hope you're as excited as we are to see this project take shape! It's really stretching us in a good way, and we love working with our dream team again. Stay tuned!



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