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Christmas decor ideas for your home

We're finally in the holiday season, friends! It's absolutely my favorite time of year, and I'm reminiscing about the holidays past knowing this year will be very different. But look at my babies up there!! Don't trust those faces though - they can be pretty naughty. They held it together for this photo shoot of our home last year, and now I can share the different ways I decorated little nooks and crannies around the house and give you a few ideas for your own homes!

Speaking of Christmas memories, I have been thinking a lot about our childhood Christmases. We would spend Christmas Eve at my Granny and Papa's house, and Granny would make her famous clam chowder for all of us. We each got to open one present each, and then we'd all jump into their van and have a tour of the neighborhood Christmas lights. I remember those nights so well, and I love that I can continue these traditions hosting Christmas Eve now that Granny and Papa are gone. Mom still makes Granny's clam chowder, and has since added 3 more soups to the roster. I've tried cutting her off before, but that's a constant thing to keep an eye on! She's always set on making sure there is a soup everyone will enjoy. We all still do one gift for each person, but I like to think it's a more elevated take on the white elephant idea from back in the day. The steals can get pretty heated, but we all have such a fun time!

Thank you for indulging my walk down memory lane - now on to the decor!

Who was following us last year and remembers this mega tree that I was convinced would be the perfect size for our house?! We had to trim the branches down on the back side just so people could still walk around! It was ridiculously large, but I think it will go down in history as my favorite Christmas tree 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳. It was SO beautiful!! Hopefully we find one I love just as much this year!⁣

Classic shapes, neutral colors, plenty of texture, and lots of greenery really guide my decor throughout the year, and it works for Christmas time as well. I recommend starting a collection of different shapes and different finishes, but staying around a theme, whether that be a style or a color scheme. That way your tree stays looking cohesive throughout the years, and you have stories tied to all of the ornaments. We now have two trees in our home... a real one downstairs that is typically more styled, and another one upstairs that holds all the memories. Brian + I collect an ornament everywhere we travel, and I have saved all the ornaments Granny hand-painted for me throughout the years. Now that she is gone, they're one of my most treasured possessions.

Pipe cleaner trees and garland go such a long way! Think about setting up little vignettes like this in forgotten corners or shelves throughout the house. I definitely smile whenever I walk in and see these little touches all around.

Dress up a coat hanger or a hanging station with stockings to bring holiday cheer into a mudroom or near the front door! Perfect fix for those homes without a fireplace, like ours!

Bring a stool up from another room and set up a small collection of trees on your stair landing like we did here! This could work in a long hallway, a laundry room, or even a powder bathroom if you have some space to spare!

I threw a red candle, a snowman, and a snowflake votive holder into the bathroom, and just like that, it feels like Christmas!

I'm telling you - garland is the magic ingredient for decor during the holidays! It fills vases, empty corners, and makes vignettes like this one in our bar area looks so full and festive. You can peek a few of Granny's hand painted decor items here... the fabric garland and the little showman chilling on the shelf are both creations of hers!

I hope you found some new ideas for your home this year - and please don't skip decorating, even if 2020 has been a rollercoaster. I had to try a new setup for Thanksgiving because of our restrictions, and I just may keep the lights up on our pergola outside because they look so festive! Did you see them last week in my Instagram stories? I'm obsessed!

Have a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas for making your home festive this year! We have been saving some of our favorite inspiration photos. We also have linked some of our favorites below for easy access shopping... Let us know in the comments below if you purchase anything! :) Happy holidays to you and your family!!



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