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Bathrooms I'm Crushing on Right Now

We're working on a quite a few bathrooms right now, and figured - hey, let's share some of the inspiration we're seeing all over the internet! Our Pinterest board is overflowing with beautiful work by amazing designers right now. We're seeing an uptick in wood vanities, especially a variety in wood species, and more color overall (maybe a response to the dreariness of the last year?) Fun and playful tile layouts are a welcome surprise, and interesting scale and pattern work with natural stones and earthy colors are also very popular. I'd love to hear what you all think - are some of these too bold, or just the right amount of daring for you?

Designed by Rob Diaz Design

Photographed by Todd Goodman

I absolutely love the use of thick stone slab for this vanity, especially for the boldness in a remodel with existing windows that stayed in place. I am also seeing integrated makeup vanities with sinks, and I am here for it! Scale is a big factor in creating bold statements in the most mundane of rooms. Would you be willing to try playing with scale in your home?

Designed by Max Humphrey

Photographed by Christopher Dibble

The combination of two colors of the same tile on the walls, and the change in direction is a great way to split this tall bathroom along the same plane as the vanity. I also love that the tile continues on the outward face of the bathtub. Both this example and the example above are a great testament to going "all in" on an element for the design for big impact.

Designed by Tiffany Howell

Photographed by Jenna Peffley

Another great example of playful tile pairings for this steam shower! Again, here is another example of going 'all in' with tile, mainly for the function of a steam shower, but it also provides great wall texture similar to a wallpaper, while the main bathroom area still has a special touch with a terracotta colored pattern tile. I also love how many arches I'm seeing in Spanish homes either being restored or being added to pair with the rest of the home.

Designed by House of Jade Interiors

Are you sensing a trend here? I'm loving loving loving interesting tile in wall applications! Keep in mind that doing this eliminates the need for the standard 4" backsplash you see in builder grade homes, and gives you that big impact at the same time. This bathroom would have been a great neutral space without that tile, but I always love adding an element that might make you smile every time you use the space, and this fits the bill. This reminds me of a pantry that just got its tile installed (if you're following our Instagram stories, you may have seen it!!)

Designed by Kate Marker Interiors

Another great example of an integrated makeup vanity and sink! I love the use of the entire wall, an elegant take on a full wall mirror, and the light sage and medium toned wood combination. Having the space to do such a beautiful big vintage rug is also an added plus for this design.

Did you see a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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