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A Fall Decor RoundUp

Holidays are big occasions for our family. During a normal Thanksgiving year, we would have 25+ people gathered together in someone's home, the host roasting a huge turkey, and plenty of leftovers for everyone to take home. I always make pretty pies (yes, plural) and Brian makes his famous rolls-bigger-than-your-head. We all play games like Pictionary after dinner, but Catchphrase has been retired, because we're a little too competitive for our own good.

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I thought I'd share my favorite decor pieces with you! Even if Thanksgiving will look different for many of us, I really believe that changing our environments, even in small ways, changes our moods and can jolt us out of the rut we've all been feeling, staring at our same spaces 24/7.

I've never really been a fan of themed decor - I prefer lots of florals and greenery, cozier textiles, and rearranging neutral pieces I already have to create centerpieces or decorate various areas of the house. We're going to have dinner outside this year under our pergola with far fewer people, so my big focus for decor are lights I can hang around the pergola, and great blankets to drape over everyone's chair just in case it's chilly that night.

Click through the links below to snag some of my favorites for your celebration this year, and tell me what you're planning to do for the holiday! At the very least, put out a loved vase with fresh flowers out for your dinner - the effort will be worth it!



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