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A Deep Dive into Our Distance Design Services

Did you know that we offered design services virtually, even before the state of the world this year? We love the idea that we are not confined to working only with local clients through the power of the internet. Today we'll give you a little more detail as to how this process differs from our full service interior design process, and the different tiers of Distance Design.

First things first, who exactly is a good candidate for Distance Design? If you don't have a huge budget, you enjoy sourcing furniture and accessories on your own, or you are a DIY master, then Distance Design might be for you! You're really looking for guidance and another brain to talk through ideas with, and you love Madison Nicole Design style. The suggestions we make through this service are retail based, so you are able to take control of project management once orders are placed and really run through the process on your own.

We also offer a Hybrid Distance Design option! This is an option for a client who is interested in a full service design project who just doesn't happen to live within driving distance of our office, or a client that prefers to have a few statement pieces that are only available to design trade professionals rather than 100% retail sourcing. We truly believe that everyone should have access to beautiful homes, and we're so elated to offer this, especially with what we're all going through this year.

In order to make the most impact for your home, we do require a 3 room minimum for our Distance Design projects. We've all seen the rooms that seem completely unrelated to the rest of someone's home, and we don't want you to fall into that predicament whatsoever. We'll walk through our process with an example project covering a master bathroom, a dining room, and a living room below!

We begin with an in-depth phone call, very similarly to our full service interior design projects. We discuss what items you would like to replace, what items you would like to keep, and your lifestyle needs. Pricing is customized based on the project, and we send over a proposal of design fees and a contract for you to look over and sign.


Once we agree on all terms and fees, we ask you for photos of each of the spaces, measurements of your spaces, answers from our design questionnaire, and any Pinterest inspiration you may have. From there we create a design concept for each space, and if necessary, we do one round of revisions for each space. We do include accessories in the design board, but they are minimal so more accessory choices can be made by you based on what you truly love and have access to where you are. Have a look at the process from concept to design boards below!

The final deliverables that all Distance Design projects include are a full shopping list with clickable links to furnishings and decor, a scaled floor plan, and other relevant suggestions that are specific to your needs. From there, you are able to follow the design plan on your own time and as your budget allows!


What a great transformation! We love that it still feels cozy and comfortable, but the style of the client is still part of the overall design. One bummer for us is that we don't get to see the reveal in person about 80% of the time, but we definitely relish getting emails, photos, and calls from our clients from afar! We got lucky with the images of this one, because the client happened to sell the house about a year after we did work with them! You better believe it was much easier to sell than that pink tiled kitchen!!

If you're interested in chatting more about these services, feel free to fill out our contact form to get the ball rolling!



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