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2022 Recap: MND's Year in Review

I'm not one to regularly sit down and truly reflect on the events of the past year, because there's always something to do, so this post is a bit different for me. I was intrigued by this idea of looking through the numbers (the fun ones and the overwhelming ones!) as a way to look back on what has happened throughout 2022.

This year certainly came with its challenges, but I genuinely couldn't feel more supported by our team, our clients, our vendors, and our fellow designers. I was able to see this in such a tangible way during our office opening party - so many people from different phases of my life took time to come and celebrate, and I wasn't able to process that until days later, alone in the office, looking at what we've been able to do. I shed quite a few tears of gratitude that afternoon...

Before I dive into the numbers, I'll start with a few challenges.


  • Fast timelines of our jobs, and everyone wanting things done quickly

  • Delayed + damaged items - supply chain issues and labor shortages being the main culprits

  • Working through the office renovation

  • A leak springing in the bathroom while we were on vacation, and the subsequent insurance claim/renovation process

While all of these were continuous issues throughout the year, we had plenty of highlights as well.


  • Office opening/construction completed, and the subsequent super fun opening party!

  • Attended High Point + Vegas Markets as a team

  • Inventoried all accessories + moved them into the office, and out of my personal home

  • Grew the team with an excellent project manager now on board

  • Hit 1 million views on Pinterest

Having to make this list made me SO grateful for the team - none of this would be possible without Tara, Tia, Kimberly, Brooke, Katherine, my mom, or Brian. Being so used to taking everything on at the beginning was hard, but expanding the team is the only way any of this is even remotely possible.

By the Numbers

  • 33 projects worked on

  • 8,547 emails sent

  • 86,529 minutes of Spotify listened to

  • 16 consultations completed

  • 38 Yeti's gifted

  • 45% overall growth in revenue

  • 157 MND pillows found their forever homes

  • 50 blog posts written

  • 12 newsletters sent

  • 243 Instagram posts

  • 34 Instagram reels; with more coming in the new year!

  • 54 Ventura Sandwich Company sandwiches eaten as a team

  • 36 Crumbl cookies devoured

  • Number of hours slept: not enough

  • Truckloads of furniture delivered: A lot; we lost track!!

I'm coming off days spent with family and friends for the holiday, and I can say this year has ended on a high note. It seems so inadequate, but THANK YOU so much for anyone reading this, for being here through the design process of so many projects, and for hiring us to make your home better for you and your family. I'm so excited to continue creating for all of you in 2023!



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