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Happy Birthday, Madison!

Team MND has hijacked the blog today :) Madison would never let this post go out because it's all about her, but that is exactly why we're doing it. This blog post falls on her actual birthday this year, and all of you know she is absolutely worth celebrating!

Today, we are sharing our favorite memories with her from the past year, and our birthday wishes for her next 12 months. Let's take a virtual stroll down memory lane, and feel free to leave a favorite memory below in the comments!

From Tara:

My favorite memory is walking through JFK airport after 2.5 days of installing furniture, lighting and accessories at our Connecticut project while rolling not 1, not 2, but 5 full sized luggages jam packed with our clothes and various accessories! I also can't forget Madi driving through NYC, gripping the steering wheel really hard, trying to get us to the airport safely - LA traffic is nothing like NYC!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I've been lucky enough to spend the last three birthdays with Madi and seen her grow as a boss, business owner and mentor greatly in that time. From putting together Ikea furniture in her first official office, during one of the hottest weeks all summer (and COVID), to moving to a much bigger space, and watching the construction and completion of our new place, I have seen it all and couldn't be more excited for her future, as well as the future of Madison Nicole Design. Madi isn't one to like to celebrate herself, but her birthday is the perfect reason to do so! To another happy and successful trip around the sun!

From Kimberly:

One of my favorite things about Madison is her ability to make everyone around her feel appreciated and genuinely cared for. When I first joined the MND team we were in the middle of a very busy season. Despite the busy calendar and long days Madison never failed to personally check in with me and lend a helping hand to me. Even at the office opening party, she made sure to introduce me to all of her close friends and family, which made me feel really welcomed to the team. I am grateful for her and the kindness she so effortlessly exudes!

Happy Birthday Madison! I hope this year brings you all the wonderful things life has to offer!! Cheers to you!

From tia:

I have a couple favorite memories with Madi! However, my most favorite has to be our opening party for Madison Nicole Design. So much love and thought went into that night. From the months we endured construction at our office, to the finishing details to making sure the night was perfect, it was an honor and joy to stand beside Madi to watch her accomplish this milestone! Happy Happy Birthday Madi! You are a mentor, friend and a wonderful boss. You've had such an incredible year and I can't wait to see all that you accomplish in the year ahead!

From Katherine:

When you have first hand context for a person's journey, the milestones hit the heart that much harder. When I walked into Madi's new office for the opening party and watched her talking to clients, vendors, family, and other friends with the same level of warmth and joy as she does with everyone she meets, I time traveled! My mind immediately went back to our college graduation, and her and Brian's wedding within the same week. She had big dreams then, and now I was witnessing it all come to life, with Brian by her side. It was a fabulous moment to witness, and I'm so glad I'm able to work alongside her now to push MND forward!

Happy birthday, friend! You're one of the great ones, so enjoy a Tito's drink and put your feet up (and don't touch your laptop!) Love you!

From Brian:

Travel is always an adventure with Madi! Although our Amalfi Coast trip was crazy, we made the most of it and there's no one else I'd rather have travel nightmares with. (If you want some context for this memory, you can read all about it here!)

Madi, your perseverance and optimistic personality have inspired me to be a better person. You have the hardest work ethic of anyone I know and I'm so proud to stand by you and go through this crazy life of ours together. I can't wait to see what the next 34 years hold for us!

And, of course, from debbi:

Happy birthday to my beautiful, amazingly talented daughter! I couldn't be more proud of who you are. As you know I don't pick favorites well, so any time with you is my favorite! Love you so much!

Do you have a favorite memory with Madison from this past year? Feel free to leave a comment below and wish her a joyful next trip around the sun!



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