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What We're Seeing at High Point Market 2022

As it always is, it was a whirlwind of a few days with the team here at High Point Market for the biggest design event of the year! If you're new to the idea of market, we went into full detail about what 'market' entails for designers , and our favorites from last year's High Point Market . It was a full house this year, with Mom, Brian, Tara, and Tia all in tow! It was Tara's first market last year, and this time it was Tia's turn to be introduced to the beautiful chaos of market. I said this last year, but it's worth repeating: For any designers out there that have design assistants - the investment to bring another team member with you to market is worth it. You're expanding the capacity of your team for your current and future clients, and nurturing the future of the design industry as well!
Some New Developments This Year: We're seeing lots and lots of jewel toned colors, but also different shades of warm browns! There were a lot of deep, saturated shades, which gives off a bold aesthetic overall, and I'm very happy about that.
New and updated takes on texture are still happening in full force, including mixed materials in the same piece. Mixes of wood, concrete, leather, metal, and woven elements in furniture, lighting, and accessories have continued to be strong. One thing I noticed was that manufacturers are embracing more unique shapes and styles, with interesting details that make them stand out. It feels like an age of experimentation and engineering, and it's really inspiring to see! And thankfully, most manufacturers are reporting better stock and shorter lead times. Some have even removed the additional surcharges for increased labor + shipping costs 👏🏼 That's one of the best developments I've seen, especially as costs in general for all of us are increasing by the minute. Have a look through to see what we were most excited about this year! When we're at market, we're constantly sitting and testing different upholstery pieces. These days, with everything being online, we need to be able to educate our clients on what will be the most comfortable for them in their own home. Things like seat depth and height, back height, and cushion fill are all noted so our clients can trust us to get that perfect goldilocks fit. We keep these types of photos in a folder to note how different bodies sit in different chairs and sofas. Thanks for playing along everyone!! And it's always a joy to see my design gals! We're on our way back as you're reading this, so we will be back in the office soon - right back to work on current projects, and prepping for our office party next Friday. Are you coming?! Message us for all the details here ! Are you excited by what you're seeing from market? We'd love to hear from you!

What We're Seeing at High Point Market 2022
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