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Team Intros: Meet Debbi

Welcome to our fourth installment of team intros! I'll try and make this one quick, because she is allergic to taking any credit for anything and could very likely disown me for posting this at all, but today we're celebrating my fabulous mom Debbi (or Debster, as she's known at the office). She is truly the office mom and does SO much for all of us - as our designer Tia says, "She is precious and we love her."

She is truly the magic behind the scenes, and does so much of the work that is not readily seen. She cuts all the fabric and sews all the pillows for the MND pillow shop. After an install, she'll go through my entire install kit and reorder anything that's missing, and organize it all again, because we're a whirlwind during installs. She keeps the snack drawer full because she knows we get hyper focused and forget to to eat. She unboxes all accessories that come in for inventory and keeps the shelves looking pristine here in our office shop room. Sometimes accessories will come to the house, and she organizes those as well and makes sure everything gets where it belongs.

After a week of client presentations, she'll gather up the samples and put them back in their drawers, or set them aside to revisit the next week. She's fabulous at creating floral arrangements for installs - I know where I get it from :)

She works primarily from home, but she is definitely still a staple at the office. She's also loves coming on our market trips throughout the year - they're a lot of fun for her, but she's great at eyeing new products or accessories we can use for client projects or more inventory for the shop. She's also been key in sourcing various things for the new office so it's fully decked out, with silverware and plates for the kitchen, as just one example!

I know I won't hear the end of posting this many photos, but the Debster is truly the best, and an integral part of the team! Love you Mom - and thank you for all the things, big and small, that you do for all of us!



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