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Our First Shopping Event at MND

Our first shopping event went off without a hitch! We finally opened our doors up to customers last week, and treasures were definitely found and taken home! Have a scroll to see what we have, and how we plan to structure shopping days in the future!

He's so good at popping the bubbly! Thanks for being here to add fun and support as always Bri!

We are full with vintage rugs in a wide range of sizes that have been carefully selected/curated to fit our style. If you're looking for a specific space, these are great pieces to peruse to see if the perfect rug is waiting for you here!

We’re currently planning for weekly shopping events every Thursday. If the time frame doesn’t work, then we’re happy to accommodate during other time frames - just reach out to us!

We will be having a late spring clean out sale with discounted items as well, so keep a look out while we finalize a date in late spring!

We have our full pillow line that is available to shop in our Pillow Bar as well! But you'll have to fight our littlest customer for your favorites :)

We have lots of furniture pieces as well - some can be purchased off the floor, and others can be ordered. Tons and tons of accessories + kitchen items too! We’re excited to be able to open up the shop more to the community after a lot of questions and people asking how they could purchase.

Thank you to everyone who came in and made this first event a success! We can't wait to meet you at future shopping events. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us over on Instagram!



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